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Our Test Six cover is a composite of the cover pictures of your sixth group of lessons. Each Correspondence Course test is designed to TEACH, as well as help you evaluate your progress. You will enjoy this convenient means of putting to PRACTICAL USE the knowledge you have learned from the Bible. -------------------- an open letter from THE EDITOR ...

PERSECUTORS HAVE CALLED me a "false prophet." Now how would you KNOW whether the accusation is true -- or false?

There ARE false prophets today. And they are not a few, but MANY!

The WHOLE WORLD -- that is, the world as a whole -- is DECEIVED today. The world is deceived about the TRUE VALUES of life -- about the things that really count. The world is chasing false goals, false gods. The world has lost its way. It has lost THE WAY to peace, to universal prosperity, to good health, to happiness. The world is in chaos, awaiting the fateful NUCLEAR World War III!

But who ARE the "false prophets"? How would YOU recognize one?

Actually, it probably is not very important to you to know whether my persecutors are right or wrong, when they call me dirty names, hurl epithets, resort to innuendo, impute sinister motives, strive to discredit and attempt character assassination. What is important to YOU is whether what you read in THE PLAIN TRUTH and study in this Course really IS the truth -- whether what you hear over THE WORLD TOMORROW broadcast is true -- not whether I, as an individual, am true or false.

I think our readers know by now that we always say: "DON'T believe what we say BECAUSE you believe in us." We say "Listen with open mind, without prejudice, then CHECK UP in your own Bible -- PROVE whether it is true, and BELIEVE what you find PROVED!" I don't seek to induce people to believe in ME -- I seek to lead them to believe in JESUS CHRIST!

But just HOW would you KNOW whether a man is a "false prophet"?

Would YOU know, for sure, how to recognize a false prophet? There is one absolutely SURE WAY to know.

Here it is: When you search the Bible from beginning to end, you'll find the false prophets have had ONE THING IN COMMON. They have always put the emphasis on a promised desirable RESULT, while ignoring, rejecting, or opposing GOD'S WAY to that result. They always treat with the EFFECT, not the CAUSE. But the TRUE prophets of God have always put emphasis on the right CAUSE -- on God's WAY to the desired blessings.

Let me explain that. Let me make that PLAIN! This Course, THE PLAIN TRUTH magazine and THE WORLD TOMORROW broadcast deal with making truth PLAIN -- understandable!

In searching the Bible from beginning to end, you'll find the true prophets, apostles, and ministers of God put first emphasis on the right CAUSE, not the effect. They proclaim THE WAY that leads to peace, happiness, security, and finally, eternal life. In Bible language, this means that God's Word, and God's true prophets and ministers put first emphasis on God's LAW.

And, further, since sin is the transgression of God's Law, the true ministers lift up their voices to SHOW THE PEOPLE THEIR SINS (Isaiah 58:1). They call the people to REPENTANCE, reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sins, leading those who have been going astray back into the RIGHT WAY of God's Law through God's free grace.

It's just this simple: There is a right WAY that leads to every desired result -- blessings now, and eternal life forever. God's Law is merely a defining of THAT WAY. But the whole world has been going astray -- going the WRONG WAY. God sends HIS prophets and ministers to proclaim the RIGHT WAY, to show people that they are going the WRONG WAY, to cause them to turn around and get back on the RIGHT WAY through Jesus Christ by God's free grace. Then the desired result follows. And that's the ONLY way to that desired result!

But the false prophets ignore or oppose God's Law. They encourage people in continuing their WRONG WAY. They ignore or tacitly approve this WRONG WAY. They work for PEACE, for prosperity, for desired GOOD THINGS, while encouraging people to travel the OPPOSITE DIRECTION FROM those desired ends!

This WHOLE WORLD is following that pattern. Public acceptance goes right along with a world traveling THE ROAD to sickness and ill health, to boredom and unhappiness, fears and worries, inequality, injustice, heartaches, frustrations, insecurity, poverty, crime, insanity, violence, war, and death.

But God's true servants are not OF this world nor of its ways.

WHY do so many people have tooth decay and cavities? The toothpaste manufacturers compete in advertising and television commercials, each claiming its particular brand means "FEWER CAVITIES." The cavities are the RESULT. They say nothing about the cause, which is a lack of proper food containing certain organic alkaline mineral elements. They say nothing about faulty diet -- the CAUSE. They treat only with the RESULT.

The world is full of hospitals. They are overfilled with patients paying the PENALTY of broken physical laws. The hospitals and the doctors ignore the CAUSE, and treat with the RESULT -- try to relieve, prevent or remove the PENALTY of broken law!

Notice, now, a few Biblical examples of where God's true prophets put the emphasis, and where the false prophets put it.

After Solomon, son of David, died, the nation Israel rejected Solomon's son Rehoboam as king, and set up Jeroboam instead. Then the tribe of Judah seceded from Israel, in order to have Rehoboam for their king. The tribe of Benjamin went along with Judah. King Jeroboam of Israel immediately set up two golden calves as idols for Israel to worship; rejected the Levites (tribe of Levi) as priests, and put the lowest of the people, whom he could control, into the priesthood. The tribe of Levi then joined Judah, becoming the Kingdom of Judah. They became known as "the Jews."

All succeeding kings of Israel followed in the sins of Jeroboam. One of them, king Ahab, married Jezebel the daughter of  the king of Sidon. Jezebel brought with her hundreds of the prophets of Baal the sun-god, introducing Baal worship in Israel.

King Ahab gathered together these false prophets before him, and asked: "Shall I go against Ramothgilead to battle, or shall I forbear?" And they answered, "Go up; for the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king" (I Kings 22:6). These false prophets advised the king to go a WRONG WAY, and promised a GOOD RESULT.

But Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, was visiting king Ahab, and he asked if there was not a prophet of the ETERNAL that he might consult. Ahab answered, "There is yet one man, Micaiah ... by whom we may enquire of the ETERNAL: but I hate him, for he cloth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil" (verses 7-8). So Ahab called God's prophet, who told him that a lying spirit had spoken falsely in the mouths of these false prophets -- and that Ahab would never return alive if he followed their advice (verses 19-23). This prophet advised going THE WAY of the true God -- THE WAY OF PEACE, and not of attack, aggression and war-making. Ahab went THE WAY of the false prophets -- defied God's Law -- AND WAS KILLED IN THE BATTLE!

Through Jeremiah (23rd chapter) God speaks of the false prophets. "Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the ETERNAL." Then, speaking of our very generation in this 20th century -- just prior to Christ's second coming -- of today's drought and upset conditions resulting from misled people going the WRONG WAYS: "For the land is full of adulterers; for because of the curse, the land mourneth; and the pastures of the wilderness are dried up. Their course is evil" -- they are going the WRONG WAY -- "and their might is not right. Both prophet and priest are ungodly" -- that is, carnal, unconverted, selfish -- "even in my house (the churches) I have found their wickedness, says the ETERNAL. Therefore THEIR WAY shall be to them like slippery paths in the darkness, into which they shall be driven and fall: for I will bring evil upon them IN THE YEAR of their punishment (that is, in the soon-coming "DAY OF THE LORD" which probably is to last for one year), says the ETERNAL" (Jeremiah 23:1, 10-12. Revised Standard Version).

Continuing, same chapter: God foresees a horrible thing in those who PROFESS to be His ministers: "... they commit adultery, and walk in lies." Leading churchmen in Britain have advocated legal and public approval of homosexuality, and call fornication and adultery "THE NEW MORALITY." Even United States ministers are approving this lying so-called "NEW MORALITY." Jeremiah continues: "... they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none cloth return from his wickedness" -- that is, they ignore or reject GOD'S WAY, which is His Law. They approve the world's ways contrary to God's ways. They fail to show the people THEIR SINS. They go along with the world. "... they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah" (Jer. 23:14-15). Today, for the first time in all history, leading churchmen are openly approving "sodomy" -- homosexuality -- the most revolting IMMORALITY in violation of God's Law.

Further, same chapter: "Thus saith the ETERNAL of Hosts, Hearken NOT unto the words of the prophets that preach unto you: they make you vain:" -- that is, they flatter, approve, encourage vanity -- "they speak a vision of their own heart, and NOT out of the mouth of the ETERNAL. They say unto them that despise me, The Eternal hath said, Ye shall have peace;" -- they promise a GOOD RESULT, while approving a WRONG WAY. Or, to quote from the  Revised Standard Version: "Do not listen to the words of the prophets (preachers) who prophesy (preach) to you, filling you with VAIN HOPES; they speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the ETERNAL. They say continually to those who despise the Word of the ETERNAL, 'It shall be well with you'; and to every one who stubbornly follows his own heart, they say, 'No evil shall come upon you.'" That is, go THE WRONG WAY, and there will be no penalty -- no evil RESULT. They promise a good result for a wrong cause.

This 23rd chapter of Jeremiah is a prophecy about conditions in OUR TIME, NOW shortly before Christ's return as KING of kings to rule the whole earth. Notice, in verse 20: "... in the LATTER DAYS, ye shall consider it perfectly."

Continuing: God says, "I have not sent these prophets (preachers), yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they preached. But IF they had stood in my counsel, and had caused my people to hear my words (the words of the Bible), then they should have turned them FROM their EVIL WAYS, and FROM the evil of their DOINGS" (verses 21-22). Again, "... he that hath my Word, let him speak my Word FAITHFULLY" says God (verse 28).

God's Word instructs in THE WAY of God. God's Law is GOD'S WAY. The preachers and self-appointed ministers who profess to be the ministers of Jesus Christ -- who tell you God's Law is "done away" -- who "work together for PEACE" while condoning the WAY of transgression -- THEY, SAYS YOUR GOD -- are the false prophets! And they are the MANY, not the few! A deceived and misled world needs to WAKE UP!

King Ahab accused the prophet Elijah of harming Israel. He said, "Art thou he that troubleth Israel?" Elijah answered, "I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the Commandments of the ETERNAL, and thou hast followed Baalim" (I Kings 18:17-18).

They persecuted and killed the true prophets. Then they persecuted and killed the greatest Prophet of all -- Jesus Christ. AND WHY? Because they proclaimed God's truth faithfully. Because they showed the people THEIR SINS.

WHY do they accuse ME? Simply because I, my son Garner Ted Armstrong, and this whole WORK OF GOD PROCLAIM THE WORD OF GOD FAITHFULLY -- because we DO cry aloud and lift up our voices, and SHOW THE PEOPLE THEIR SINS! The false ministers MUST either accuse us of THEIR guilt, or stand branded by the very WORD OF GOD as false ministers! So they accuse!

From beginning to end, your BIBLE puts the emphasis on OBEDIENCE to GOD'S WAY of life -- the WAY to peace, happiness, and eternal life as God's gift.

As soon as God created the first man on earth, "The Eternal God COMMANDED the man, saying ..." (Genesis 2:16). But what happened? Satan came along. The man DISOBEYED GOD'S Command. He specifically disobeyed FOUR of the Ten Commandments. He obeyed Satan, and thus had another god before the true God. He dishonored his only Parent, God his Creator. He COVETED what was not his, and he STOLE what belonged to God and was specially forbidden him. RESULT? Curses, sorrow, suffering, and DEATH (Genesis 3:17-19). He followed the WRONG WAY, and it produced a WRONG RESULT!

Humanity degenerated, until in less than 2,000 years only ONE man was righteous, going the RIGHT WAY, obeying God, and that was Noah (Gen. 6:9). If any other had been obedient, he would have been SAVED in the ark. God spared Noah's wife, sons and their wives because of Noah's obedience.

In two generations after the flood, Nimrod "emancipated" the people from God's government -- God's Laws -- God's WAY. Then, seven generations later, once again there was ONE MAN on earth who OBEYED God. BECAUSE of this faithful OBEDIENCE, God gave Abraham the PROMISES on which all the national wealth and prosperity of the United States and the British Commonwealth nations were based -- as well as the PROMISES on which the spiritual SALVATION for you and the whole world rest.

And God confirmed and RE-promised these greatest of all PROMISES to Abraham's son Isaac, "BECAUSE that Abraham OBEYED my voice, and kept my charge, MY COMMANDMENTS, my statutes, and MY LAWS" (Gen. 26:5).

The whole test of the nation Israel was one of OBEDIENCE -- of being willing to live God's WAY -- the WAY to peace, happiness, wealth, and all good things. To them, God said, "Ye shall make you no idols nor graven images ... Ye shall keep MY Sabbaths, ... IF ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and DO THEM, then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase ... and I will give you PEACE ..." (Lev. 26:1-6). These material blessings, individual and national, would follow. It was a matter of CAUSE and EFFECT. A matter of A WAY that produced the desired RESULT. The people of Israel wanted the RESULT, but, later, they REBELLED against going THE WAY of that desired result.

Jesus Christ came teaching GOD'S WAY. He said, "THINK NOT that I am come to destroy the law ..." -- so the whole world thinks He DID come to destroy it! The whole world rebels. It defiantly goes the opposite WAY. Then tries to eliminate the penalty. That's why this world is SICK and in CHAOS! Jesus magnified God's Law -- enlarged upon it. Jesus said "... fear him which is able to DESTROY both SOUL and body in hell" (Matthew 10:28). So the false prophets teach, and the world believes, the soul CANNOT be destroyed, but will burn forever in "hell."

One came and asked Jesus: "What good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?" Jesus told him what to DO -- KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS, naming specifically half of them (Matthew 19:16-19). So the false ministers teach, and the people believe, we must NOT "keep the Commandments." Again, Jesus said, "Not every one that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH the will of my Father which is in heaven" (Mat. 7:21). So the false prophets say that if you DO God's will, as expressed in His Law, you will be under a CURSE and go to hell.

The apostle Paul taught the Gentiles that God's "Law is HOLY, and the commandment holy, and just, and GOOD," and that "the Law is SPIRITUAL" (Romans 7:12, 14). The false ministers teach that the Law is harsh, contrary to our best interests, and a yoke of bondage. Thus they lead the people into sin! Paul taught Gentiles "For not the hearers of the Law are just before God, but the DOERS of the Law shall be justified" (Romans 2:13). So the false leaders teach, and the people believe, that THE DOERS of the Law are under a curse of damnation. Paul said, "Do we then MAKE VOID THE LAW through faith? God forbid: yea, we ESTABLISH THE LAW" (Rom. 3:31). So the blind leaders of the blind say, we DO make the Law of God VOID by faith -- we do NOT establish it, we ABOLISH IT!

And on and on it goes.

This world's great statesmen and religious leaders talk about working FOR PEACE. But none teaches the world THE WAY, and THE ONLY WAY to world PEACE! They seek to PREVENT the natural RESULT, or PENALTY, of a world going the WRONG WAY -- a world in REBELLION against God and HIS LAWS OF PEACE. That result is present strife, war, violence, and threat of war. They work for a right RESULT, while tacitly APPROVING this world's (Satan's) WAY, which destroys peace and produces violence and war! War is simply THE PENALTY of broken LAW. When will 'great' statesmen and religious leaders wake up to that fact?

Yes, this world treats the RESULT, seeks to relieve or abolish THE PENALTY of broken LAW, while continuing to transgress LAW and produce more penalties. The Laws of God are INEXORABLE! You break God's Laws, and they will BREAK YOU!

When Christ comes in all POWER and GLORY, to RULE ALL NATIONS with divine WORLD GOVERNMENT, He will FORCE this world to be HAPPY -- to have PEACE -- to become universally prosperous. Yes, it will require divine power and FORCE TO COMPEL a hostile world, rebellious against Authority and right Law, to find peace, happiness, joy -- and ETERNAL LIFE.

Of course no one can EARN eternal life. That comes by God's grace, as His free GIFT. But God has laid down the conditions: REPENTANCE, and FAITH!


THIS SIXTH examination is given to help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible and EVALUATE your own progress.

You should by all means take this test after finishing the enclosed lesson. It is a SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering your studies of this present group of four lessons and is for YOUR BENEFIT. It's a quick review to help you REMEMBER and put to USE the vital Truth of God you have learned. It also lets us know of your CONTINUED interest in the study of your Bible.

Notice that there are 80 questions in this test. Also notice that FOUR CHOICES are given under EACH question. These are labeled A, B, C, D. ONLY ONE of these four choices is the CORRECT answer! The other three are FALSE, UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.

YOU ARE TO SELECT THE ONE RIGHT ANSWER FROM AMONG THESE FOUR CHOICES. You do this by CIRCLING the letter of the answer you feel to be correct. The correct answers to the first two questions are already circled for you as examples. Repeat this procedure for each question. (Generally speaking, the INCORRECT answers are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed about the subject.)

Notice that the questions are divided into four parts -- corresponding to this present group of four lessons. We advise you not to cover more than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time to understand each question. Try to answer as many questions as you can without referring to the lessons. If you find any difficult questions, then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect you to do so -- it isn't cheating!

Once you have finished going over the questions and are satisfied with your answers, fill OUT your ANSWER CARD by placing an "X" in the box which corresponds to the selection you have chosen (circled) to be the correct answer FOR EACH QUESTION. (Notice that the first two questions are already marked correctly for you on your answer card as examples.) That's all there is to it! It's very simple and fast.

You are to SEND ONLY THE ANSWER CARD in to us when filled out. Handle your answer card carefully at all times. A SMOOTH CARD is easier to grade. Your grade will NOT be recorded in any of our files -- only YOU will have that record once we return  your answer card. The only purpose for our correcting and grading your answer card is to HELP YOU better understand your Bible and evaluate your own progress.

We will CONTINUE to send you further lessons as long as you sincerely desire to understand more of the Bible. So be sure to TAKE THIS TEST and send us your completed answer card.

Lesson 21


1. This present world

A. is a very calm and peaceful place in which to live.

B. is filled to overflowing with manifestations of brotherly love.

C. is filled with EXPRESSIONS of human nature and consequently is full of sin.

D. is becoming more righteous all the time.

2. What draws man down into sin?

A. The Godly nature with which we were born.

B. The law of human nature which is an inherent part of our carnal minds.

C. Satan and his demon henchmen are responsible for ALL of man's sins.

D. The Devil and his demons have the power TO FORCE US to sin.

3. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. The human mind, with its natural downward pulls, is not very hostile or disobedient to God's Commandments.

B. Man is born with a carnal mind possessing human nature.

C. The carnal mind wants to be thought of as BEING "good," but does not really want to DO the "good works" of God's Word.

D. Our carnal minds have a natural downward pull toward DISOBEDIENCE.

4. Why didn't God create us with a nature that is perfectly obedient to Him?

A. Because God made a mistake.

B. Because God wanted us to be able to VOLUNTARILY CHOOSE whether or not we would repent, obey Him and strive to overcome human nature.

C. Because God desired to make us suffer for no reason at all.

D. Certainly not because God wanted us to build GODLY CHARACTER in the process of overcoming our evil natures.

5. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. You should ALWAYS allow your "conscience" to dictate your actions.

B. God says there is a way which seems right to the carnal mind which will always end in death.

C. Your conscience is in total agreement with the spiritual Laws of God.

D. Your conscience is the BEST GUIDE for making your decisions -- you don't need to rely on the Bible or the guidance of God's Holy Spirit.

6. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. God created disobedient pulls within Adam's mind.

B. Each of us is born with a mind that is inherently disobedient to God's spiritual laws.

C. The human mind is predominantly evil by nature.

D. Satan the Devil planted disobedient pulls in Adam's mind by causing him to disobey God; consequently, all men are born with desperately wicked minds!

7. The works or "fruits" of a carnally motivated mind

A. reveal how terribly sinful we ALL are by nature.

B. show that we naturally believe in "the golden rule."

C. prove that God created us all with just a little "bad" mixed with a lot of "good."

D. show that the vast majority of people are really righteous after all

8. Can we trust our minds in determining right from wrong?

A. We should place implicit trust in the way that seems right to us.

B. We can't -- but we can trust the opinions of some carnal-minded person.

C. No -- we must go to the Bible to learn what GOD says is right and wrong.

D. No, but we can always trust the COLLECTIVE opinion of a group of carnal-minded persons.

9. An idol

A. can only be a carved or molded image.

B. can never be a television set or an automobile.

C. can be anything which is put AHEAD OF or IN PLACE OF God and His Commandments.

D. is not really wrong to worship as long as we worship God also.

10. Man

A. naturally fears to disobey God.

B. naturally possesses a pull to actually love God.

C. possesses a pull which naturally causes him to suspect and resist God.

D. has a nature which is only slightly inferior to his Creator's.

11. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God prohibits killing today only under certain conditions.

B. Killing in warfare is justifiable because we must protect our country.

C. This world's churches vehemently denounce -- and by their actions show -- that they are against all forms of warfare and killing.

D. The downward pulls of man's evil carnal nature causes him to reason that it is right to kill in self-defense, or to "expedite peace."

12. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. The vast majority of this world's ministers unwittingly represent Satan the devil.

B. There is no great world religious leader claiming to represent God and relate His will to the world.

C. A great, false, commandment-breaking church which Satan inspires, is deceiving the WHOLE earth!

D. The pull toward idolatry within carnal man attracts him to this world's great idolatrous system of religious worship.

13. Man's carnal mind

A. has led him to PERVERT everything his hand has touched.

B. has led him to be peaceful throughout all history.

C. will at last bring peace to the earth in spite of the H-bomb.

D. does not sway his actions either for good or for evil.

14. Greed

A. inspires men to share their blessings with each other.

B. is only a MINOR disobedient pull within man's nature.

C. is one of the disobedient pulls in us which we must strive to hold down with the help of God's Holy Spirit.

D. definitely is not the BASIC CAUSE of all this present evil world's wars.

15. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Carnal man is quite capable of making righteous laws and ruling according to the principles of God's Law.

B. Righteous rule and justice by CARNAL man -- without God's Holy Spirit -- is utterly impossible!

C. Man's disobedient mind leads him to administer perfect justice.

D. Man has always been aware that God's Laws lead to harmony and peace, and so he has followed them.

16. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Man even has a perverted sense of taste which must be overcome.

B. In order to remain healthy, God commands ALL mankind not to eat pork.

C. God says He is our Healer.

D. Farmers cannot let their land lie idle every seventh year because their total yield would be greatly reduced.

17. How is the theft pull of carnal man expressed?

A. In countless ways which take advantage of his fellowman.

B. Through always producing highest quality goods and services at fair prices.

C. Through labor unions which encourage their members to work harder for their employers.

D. By the fact that used car salesmen push speedometers AHEAD in order to save money for their customers.

18. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Trial sex relations before marriage -- FORNICATION -- IS highly advisable.

B. Women who dress in a "sexy" manner do not stimulate the adultery and fornication pulls in male minds.

C. Adultery and fornication pulls must be beaten down and controlled by the will and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

D. Worldwide pornographic literature and lewd movies do not stimulate the breaking of God's commandments.

19. "Public opinion"

A. demands that newspapers publish the Truth of God which cuts into man's carnal nature as a two-edged sword.

B. demands that only those things which are agreeable to the  disobedient nature of man be presented to the public.

C. has nothing to do with the production of lewd motion pictures and the play-ups of murder and rape in newspapers and magazines.

D. is not very influential in any way.

20. What must man repent of?

A. Many people do not need to repent of anything.

B. There is no way of being sure exactly what must be repented of.

C. Man must repent of doing what he -- not the Bible -- says is wrong.

D. He must repent of his DISOBEDIENCE to God, committed as a result of giving into inherent evil pulls.

21. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. It is impossible to have an inner "utopia" begin NOW through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

B. This present evil world will be replaced by a wonderful "utopia" in the coming millennium.

C. The millennial worldwide "utopia" will come into being because God's Holy Spirit will be received by the vast majority of that time.

D. Your spiritual "utopia" can start NOW -- if you choose to repent, be baptized, and receive the Holy Spirit of God!

Lesson 22


22. Why are so many people discontented, worried, and unhappy today?

A. This condition does not have a cause.

B. Because people do not want to be happy.

C. Because people are being forced to obey God's Laws.

D. Because nearly everyone rejects God's living Laws which are the ONLY WAY TO everything the world really craves and seeks.

23. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Man is born perfect -- physically, mentally, morally.

B. God will create His righteous, holy character within us INSTANTANEOUSLY, if we will only repent of our sins.

C. God knows that it requires time for His character to be perfected within man.

D. Man's carnal character is acceptable to God as it is.

24. The FIRST STEP on the way toward real and everlasting happiness

A. is genuine, deep, and complete repentance.

B. is baptism.

C. is just acknowledging one has done a few "bad" things in the past.

D. is just being "sorry" for one's past sins.

25. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. True repentance is the experience of UTTER ABHORRENCE of the sinful, rebellious self.

B. Repentance means that we are just sorry we did a few "bad" things in the past.

C. True repentance is being thoroughly broken up about our past sinful lives.

D. True repentance involves turning completely around from our old sinful ways and going in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION -- GOD'S WAY -- in obedience to God's Laws.

26. Is it easy to truly repent?

A. It is no trouble at all for people who are "good folk" at heart.

B. It's just as easy as believing in Christ and being baptized.

C. No! Our human nature, with its vanity, will strongly rebel against fully repenting.

D. The many thousands of people who have accepted "altar calls" at religious revivals prove beyond a doubt that true repentance is simple and very easy!

27. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God's purpose for man is to create perfect, righteous, holy character in him.

B. God's only purpose for us is that we go through a sentimental experience which this world's churches call "being saved."

C. When people say "I accept Christ," they have then and there qualified to live forever.

D. There are only a few people in this world who really need to repent.

28. Do we have any personal part in God's creation of His perfect character in us?

A. No, God does it all.

B. Yes, but only those who have been extremely rebellious have a part.

C. Yes. Our part is to just patiently go on suffering the results of sinning -- until God Himself changes our ways.

D. Yes! We must fervently desire to have God's character built in us, repent bitterly of sin which robbed us of so much joy we could have had, and exert our utmost effort to put sin down and hold it under, trusting in God to supply the spiritual power to help us do so!

29. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The world was perfectly righteous in the days of old.

B. This world has always been evil, even from the very beginning.

C. The downward pulls of human nature are becoming weaker as time goes on.

D. Only in modern times has the true evil nature of man manifested itself.

30. Why did God create evil pulls within us?

A. Because God wants to see us suffer.

B. Because God is unjust.

C. Because God made a mistake.

D. So we can build righteous character by learning to choose rightly with the guidance and help of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

31. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Repentance is turning from our own ways which by nature seem naturally right to us.

B. "Repent" has always been God's command to man down  through the ages.

C. Repentance does not include turning from evil THOUGHTS.

D. God desires all mankind to turn to His statutes and commandments and keep them so that all may receive and enjoy BLESSINGS, instead of the curses which result from their own evil ways.

32. Who should repent?

A. Certainly not the "poor good humble folk" who haven't done anything really wrong in their lives.

B. Everyone, "for ALL have sinned."

C. Only the evil criminals locked up in jails.

D. One must not "judge" who needs to repent.

33. Why is it absolutely essential to receive the Holy Spirit?

A. To strengthen our spiritual vanity.

B. So we can immediately be "born again."

C. So we won't be able to sin again in this mortal life.

D. In order to have the power to resist our carnal nature and please God through obedience, thus insuring our being born of God at the resurrection.

34. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. When we transgress God's spiritual laws, we bring the penalty of eternal death upon ourselves.

B. God the Father gave His only Son to die IN OUR STEAD -- to pay the death penalty FOR US -- if we accept and obey Him.

C. The law is so powerful and immutable that it took the life of the very Son of God -- Jesus Christ -- when He voluntarily took the penalty of our sins upon Himself!

D. Violating God's spiritual Laws cannot incur the penalty of eternal death.

35. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Once we repent, the shed blood of Jesus Christ covers -- BLOTS OUT -- all of our past transgressions of God's Law.

B. The death of Christ reconciles us to God the Father by paying the total wages -- DEATH -- of our transgressions which have separated us from the Father.

C. We can fulfill -- obey -- God's Law without the love of His Holy Spirit abiding in us.

D. Once the penalty of our sins has been forgiven -- paid by Christ's supreme sacrifice -- God promises to give us His Holy Spirit of love and power.

36. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Sin gives lasting pleasure.

B. If you are clever and careful, you can get around the penalty of sin.

C. Sin may give a TEMPORARY sensation of pleasure, but in the end, it always exacts its final price -- DEATH!

D. God allows occasional compromise with sin as long as we obey Him most of the time.

37. What does trusting our own understanding lead to?

A. To the happiness and prosperity we all desire.

B. To true LIBERTY and freedom.

C. To eternal life.

D. To ETERNAL DEATH -- unless we REPENT and turn to God's Word, the Bible, for true understanding of God's Laws and will.

38. What is God's whole purpose in putting us here on this earth?

A. To make of us automatons who will obey Him unquestioningly.

B. To learn right from wrong by letting our conscience guide us, just like instinct guides an animal.

C. To learn to submit ourselves to the righteousness of God -- His Law -- and to ultimately be born into the God Family!

D. God just wanted to see what man would do if left to his own reasoning.

39. What is the Bible good for?

A. It is profitable for reproving, correcting and instructing one along God's way to eternal life.

B. Not much since it only contains a confusion of unrelated and meaningless books and stories.

C. For giving one an "INSPIRATIONAL lift" only.

D. It is certainly not for the common layman to read and study -- only the church "hierarchy" can use and understand the Bible.

40. What results when people do not follow the Scriptures implicitly?

A. Happy and abundant lives.

B. A life full of "good works."

C. People fall into gross error, spiritual blindness, and ENSLAVEMENT to foolish superstitions.

D. There are no special results since following the Scriptures does not produce anything special either.

41. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. It is enough just to praise God in thought and word.

B. God commands us to live by every Word of God.

C. God commands us to put His inspired instructions and laws into actual practice in our daily lives.

D. Every person who has ever lived, whether repentant or unrepentant, will be judged by the Words of Jesus Christ -- the Bible.

Lesson 23


42. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Your Bible reveals that the whole world understands the true way to salvation.

B. Millions who BELIEVE on Jesus Christ are now "saved."

C. Millions today actually worship Christ in VAIN!

D. True education has nothing to do with salvation.

43. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. This world suffers and is unhappy because it applies the basic knowledge revealed in the Bible.

B. The world has rejected the Bible because it understands what it really is.

C. God did not intend the Bible to be the BASIC TEXTBOOK of true education.

D. God inspired the Bible to be the very BASIS of all true education.

44. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ

A. is not an educational message.

B. is totally irrational and unrelated to the mind.

C. is an educational message intended to inform the mind.

D. is a sentimental message directed only to one's emotions.

45. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. The Bible was not written to change man's heart.

B. "The (human) heart is DECEITFUL above all things, and DESPERATELY WICKED"!

C. When the Bible speaks of the heart, it usually refers to man's NATURE -- his attitude, or spirit, or tendency of MIND.

D. Christ's gospel message reveals how man's evil heart can be CHANGED.

46. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God's true knowledge and commandments have always been taught and obeyed by the world.

B. This world's educational institutions instill error in people's minds only after they have become adults.

C. "Christian" churches today make a show of following the Bible, but reject its teachings.

D. Today's education does not spurn true spiritual values.

47. Repentance

A. is not important enough to spend your time thinking about.

B. is just another sanctimonious idea that men have incorporated into religion.

C. is the all-important first step on the way toward eternal life.

D. will not turn the course of your entire life for the better.

48. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. God commands His true ministers to preach the truth about repentance.

B. TRUE repentance is taught in the churches of this world.

C. The world is full of deception regarding the true way to salvation.

D. Man can find God only by FORSAKING his own ways and his own thoughts.

49. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. We should have implicit confidence in our carnal minds to determine what God would have us do.

B. We must distrust our carnal minds completely when it comes to deciding what is God's will.

C. Everyone should have a Bible, but only ministers are really qualified to use it in learning God's will.

D. There is no particular advantage in your studying the Bible diligently to learn God's will for you.

50. Do the vast majority of people who believe themselves to be true Christians really have salvation?

A. Yes, if they just WORSHIP Jesus.

B. No! FALSE "conversion" is very common because the ministers of this world have NOT taught the true way to salvation.

C. They do not have it yet, but they will if they just continue the present course they are following.

D. If anyone is doing the best he knows how, and follows the ministers of this evil world, he will be saved.

51. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Christ never commanded anyone to repent, nor did He even allude to repentance.

B. True repentance is just feeling "sorry" about having done something the Bible says is sin, without making a determined effort to turn from ever doing it again.

C. Man sets up his own standards of right and wrong, disregarding the plain teachings of God's Word.

D. One who thinks he is righteous can be certain he will be saved.

52. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. When you were a child, you were aware of whether or not you were being fooled regarding the true way to salvation.

B. It is very natural for a carnal, unconverted mind to follow the ways of this world.

C. God approves of practicing the ways of this corrupt world -- as long as we can "justify" them by twisting the words of the Bible.

D. Growing in grace and knowledge has nothing to do with being RE-EDUCATED to God's way of life.

53. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God would never call this world's "Christian ministers" and whole congregations LIARS.

B. The churches of this world often read their own desired meaning into the Scriptures.

C. Everyone loves to be corrected and have his faults brought to his attention.

D. Christ is not interested in having anyone repent at this time -- anytime later will be soon enough for everybody.

54. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The difference between God's true church and all other churches of the world is that its SOURCE of religion is the Bible.

B. An unrepentant carnal mind will gladly take correction from the Bible.

C. God's true Church will not look for and accept reproof and correction from the Bible.

D. Jesus came so that those in the body of Christ -- His true Church -- would have to do penance and live in poverty and misery.

55. Jesus Christ

A. is not very interested in having each of us repent and become cleaned up by the Holy Spirit.

B. will not return as a WAR-MAKER.

C. is already at war with our carnal minds and demands our UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER!

D. does not have the right to demand changes in our lives once we have surrendered to Him unconditionally.

56. The Holy Spirit

A. cannot be compared to an occupation force which has come in to occupy a surrendered nation.

B. will FORCE US to remain in submission to God.

C. will LEAD and EMPOWER those who surrender to God and faithfully strive to obey Him.

D. will not give us the supernatural power of God to resist Satan's attempts to reconquer us.

57. Christ teaches us

A. to move to the hills and live the ascetic life of monks and hermits.

B. to wait to seek the Kingdom of God until we are on our deathbed.

C. to remain spiritually inactive once we receive the Holy Spirit.

D. to expect many blessings from God if we seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

58. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. There is no particular advantage in repenting RIGHT NOW.

B. Everyone must search his own heart and honestly admit whether he is neglecting his chance to receive eternal life in preference to satiating the inordinate lusts of the flesh.

C. The question of repentance can safely be taken lightly.

D. Repentance cannot possibly lead to a spiritually rejuvenated mind and an abundant life here and now.

59. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Even though most churches teach it, your own personal faith, or belief, ALONE will not save you.

B. Nevertheless, your faith is sufficient to save you.

C. YOUR faith and repentance are the PRIOR CONDITIONS for receiving the Holy Spirit.

D. Your faith, or belief, in Christ's sacrifice and His gospel message is necessary to receive the very faith OF CHRIST!

60. The faith that really saves and results in eternal life

A. is a special GIFT from God imparted by His Holy Spirit.

B. is a faith we can somehow work up ourselves.

C. is the faith millions of professing Christians have today.

D. is not the very same faith by which Jesus Christ obeyed His Father.

61. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Only God can SAVE US.

B. Yet we must comply with God's CONDITIONS before He will set His hand to save us.

C. Our role is to REPENT and SURRENDER OUR WILL -- OUR WHOLE BEING -- to God and His Word, and then trust Him by the FAITH OF CHRIST to clean us up spiritually and ultimately give us eternal life.

D. It is quite possible for us to save ourselves.

Lesson 24


62. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Carnal human beings love to be told they must repent -- TURN from their sinful ways.

B. Most people do not need to repent since they are already obeying God's Laws.

C. There is no excuse not to repent once we clearly  understand the Bible teaching on repentance.

D. There is no reason to be in a hurry to repent.

63. David endeared himself to God by

A. showing a surly attitude and never repenting of his sins.

B. putting off repenting as long as it was humanly possible.

C. purposely ignoring the fact he should repent of sin.

D. acknowledging his guilt and striving with all his strength not to repeat his transgressions of God's Law.

64. After David repented of his great sin with Bathsheba,

A. he never had to repent of sin again.

B. God never forgave him.

C. he was disqualified from ever holding a great office in the Kingdom of God.

D. it was still possible for him to qualify for a high position in God's Kingdom, but only if he remained truly repentant and obedient.

65. The Holy Spirit of God

A. LEADS one in the true Christian way of life.

B. definitely can be in a person who never shows any outward "FRUITS of the Spirit."

C. does not actively war against the inordinate lusts of the flesh.

D. cannot help us CONQUER and hold down the lusts of the flesh.

66. To "put on the new man" means

A. to go around with a pious look on our faces.

B. to surrender ourselves completely to God so He can give us His Holy Spirit which RENEWS, or changes, our carnal minds by imparting spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

C. to put on an outward air of respectability.

D. to put on an air of righteousness, but go on committing sin.

67. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. We don't really have to be conquered by God -- just repentant.

B. We should never cry out to God for forgiveness of our sins -- that would be humiliating.

C. We can never hope to be saved without God's spiritual help.

D. Baptism is not a required step on the way to salvation.

68. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Millions today have repented of their sins and are obeying God.

B. Most professing Christians refuse to obey the Laws of God.

C. People have been deceived into believing God's Law was rendered null and void by Christ's death.

D. The ministers of this world unwittingly serve the Devil by teaching God's Law was done away.

69. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Christ kept the Law of God FOR US so we don't have to keep it today.

B. Christ lived a righteous life in our stead.

C. Since millions of professing Christians do not keep the Ten Commandments, we don't have to either.

D. All who would enter into eternal life MUST keep the Law of God! 70. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. the Bible nowhere compares our righteousness or wickedness to clothing.

B. Fortunately we do not have to repent of wanting to "get ahead of" other people.

C. A spiritual mind resents anyone else being elevated higher than it.

D. Human nature is CRIMINAL!

71. The "self" which we love by nature

A. is limited only to our own physical body.

B. can never extend to include other persons or things.

C. need not be repented of.

D. MAY extend so far as to include all human society and its ways.

72. True, heartfelt repentance

A. is something we can drum up with enough effort.

B. is just realizing you have sinned.

C. definitely is not a deep feeling of abhorrence for your sins and human nature.

D. is a gift which must be granted by God.

73. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Some have thought repentance is merely a matter of seeing the truth of God and ACCEPTING it.

B. Self-righteousness is a sin which must be repented of.

C. We must try to see ourselves as God does and repent of WHAT we are!

D. Only Job had to see himself as God did -- we don't have to today.

74. What is the attitude of a truly repentant, CONVERTED person?

A. One of deep humility and total submission to God.

B. One of arrogance and self-assurance.

C. One of spiritual weakness, feeling totally unable to do anything worthwhile.

D. It will remain the same as it was before conversion.

75. One who has truly repented has

A. gone forward and shed tears at an altar before a congregation of people.

B. utterly abhorred himself and his past sinful life, and asked God's merciful forgiveness.

C. worked up an emotional "feeling" called repentance.

D. not yet begun to obey God.

76. Which ONE of these four statements is false?

A. Once God has knocked you down and conquered you, there is no hope of your ever amounting to anything.

B. You will stumble and sin now and then as you learn to walk the true Christian way of life.

C. It certainly takes determined effort on YOUR PART TO obey God.

D. God promises to give you the SPIRITUAL help necessary to  overcome yourself and obey Him.

77. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. We shall be saved not by our own power to overcome, but through faith in God's power to save us.

B. In this life we will have to come to God daily in repentance of sins we still commit occasionally.

C. Repenting of sin ONCE is all that God requires for salvation.

D. The important thing is that you do NOT GIVE UP when you stumble and sin, but get up and strive all the harder to live by every Word of God!

78. Christ's words "Not My will but Thine be done"

A. should be the continual attitude of a true Christian.

B. have no particular significance in a true Christian's life.

C. mean you are leaving it strictly up to God to see that His will gets done.

D. do not mean you will strive with all your strength to do all of God's revealed will for you.

79. If you have truly repented and received God's Spirit,

A. you will be looking for ways to avoid doing what the Bible clearly teaches.

B. you will find what the Bible teaches very boring.

C. you will no longer be at the mercy of every emotion and adverse circumstance.

D. you will find no joy in keeping God's Commandments.

80. Which one of these four statements is false?

A. True repentance is strictly a matter of "feeling."

B. True repentance is not a matter of "feeling," but of turning away from sin and turning to God in OBEDIENCE to His Laws.

C. One should NOT put off repentance and baptism if in his heart he DOES WANT TO turn from his old life of sin.

D. If you have truly repented and want to be baptized, then write to the editor requesting a visit from one of God's ministers. Now That You've Finished...

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