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an open letter from THE EDITOR ...

THE other day this question came to my mind: "What is the greatest possible sin anyone could commit?"

Once I attended a church service in which the results of a contest were announced. A new Bible was given as first prize for the best answer to the question: "What is the most COMMON SIN, committed by the largest number of people?" First prize was awarded for the answer: "INGRATITUDE."

Certainly a lack of gratitude is one of the most prevalent, if not the most terrible, of sins. Few have learned to really appreciate what they have. Most are prone to accept the good things by taking them for granted, failing to give thanks. We gripe about our complaints more than we count our blessings.

But now the question came to me: "What is the WORST of all sins? The most awful sin that can be committed is, perhaps, one of the very LAST that most people would name. Because the governments of men punish murder with capital punishment, many would suppose murder to be the capital sin. But there is a GREATER sin.

I knew a man who believed that adultery was the worst of all sins, and dancing the second most evil, because, he claimed, dancing always led to adultery. Asked if he knew this by experience, or if he had any evidence or proof, he was horrified.

"A thousand times NO!" he exclaimed emphatically. "I would never go near a dance floor -- it's too evil!"

The question and answer came to me in a very pleasant and enjoyable manner. I was reading, in the Fenton translation, I Chronicles 29, beginning verse 10. The people of Israel, at King David's request, had contributed liberally for the building of God's Temple which was to be erected by Solomon. David, deeply moved by their generosity, was inspired to an emotional expression of gratefulness, combined with a vision of the greatness, the majesty and glory of God. He was publicly expressing his heart-touched gratitude and praise. David was exultant. This is what he was saying, before all the people:

"Blessed be You, the EVER-LIVING -- the God of our Father Israel -- from Eternity to Eternity! With You LORD, is Greatness, and Power, and beauty, and splendour, and glory! For all the Heavens and the Earth are Yours, LORD! And Headship of all!"

As I read David's words of gratitude and praise, my mind seemed to catch the resplendent vision of the GREATNESS, the supreme universe-ruling POWER, the awesome BEAUTY, the SPLENDOR, 2 the matchless GLORY of the Almighty GOD! Words are inadequate to describe! We would have to magnify superlatives, and then multiply them!

And we mortals are so insignificant, so feeble, so weak, so vile by comparison. King David continued:

"Therefore, our GOD, we all thank and praise Your Majestic Name, for who am I, and who are my people, that we are able freely to give like this? For all comes from You."

Every good thing comes from GOD! He is Creator, Sustainer, Ruler. His eyes are like flames of fire shooting forth. His face is like the sun shining in full strength -- so bright it would blind mortal eyes. His Glory is beyond human imagination. His is the perfect, holy, and righteous character. He IS, and is the very source of, LOVE, WISDOM, GOODNESS, MIGHT and POWER. He sustains and controls and directs every power and force and energy, ruling the vast UNIVERSE!

And yet, He, so great, so mighty, so glorious, is extremely mindful of each one of us! He loves us so very much He GAVE His only begotten Son to pay the penalty, in our stead, of our folly -- our sins. He raised His begotten Son Jesus Christ from the dead, BORN very GOD by His resurrection, and gave to Him all the POWER and the GLORY of the entire universe, making Him, the risen ever-living CHRIST, the Administrator and Chief Executive over the Supreme Government of the limitless UNIVERSE!

More than that, through Jesus Christ, God has made it possible for us to be begotten of the glorious GOD Himself!

Through the living Christ we may receive the very Spirit -- the LIFE -- the divine NATURE of GOD! Thus we become co-heirs WITH Christ, that we, too, may be BORN by a resurrection as very SONS of GOD. Jesus Christ was made the FIRSTBORN of many brethren! He, Christ, already has INHERITED -- and we through Him may become joint HEIRS to later inherit all that is God's -- the UNIVERSE ENTIRETY!

Can your mind grasp it? ALL THAT IS GOD'S, WE MAY SHARE!

A portion of this we may imbibe, drink in, be filled with and enjoy HERE AND NOW, even in this temporary life! Every good thing COMES FROM GOD!

Even now, in this frail human life, we may receive from Him guidance and wisdom, protection from physical harm, healing when ill, peace of mind, deliverance from trouble, and all the attributes of His character -- His divine, FAITH, PATIENCE, ASSURANCE, GOODNESS, POWER to overcome.

From Him, and from Him alone, we may drink in real happiness and joy! From Him we may receive the knowledge of the TRUE VALUES -- we may know the PURPOSE of life -- the WAY to every good thing. We may receive every good and perfect gift that comes down from above!

All this we may freely have -- according as we YIELD our wills to Him and to His will as He reveals it in His Word -- according as we yield to harmonious contact and relationship with Him!

It is a personal, intimate relationship. It is a perfect father-and-son relationship, such as we seldom experience in our carnality with our human fathers. The carnal-minded son may within his nature harbor an innate spirit of antagonism toward his human father. But the very conversion which establishes the father-and-son relationship with the heavenly Father surrenders totally and crushes out that hostile attitude toward God. We come to love and reverence and adore Him.

But now consider what this contact with the living God  means. He is the Great GOD -- Creator -- above all! He governs the universe. His power is supreme over all force and energy. His knowledge is infinite, his wisdom perfect. Not only does He reveal to His begotten sons His great PURPOSE and Plan, and His laws and ways that lead to peace, happiness, prosperity, and joy through His written Word (which only the begotten Spirit-led can understand) -- through our worship and prayer contact He actually intervenes INDIVIDUALLY, on behalf of each one PERSONALLY.

Thus He guides His begotten sons in specific incidents, problems, and experiences. He actually works out circumstances in our behalf. He gives us, when we ask Him, grace and favor in the eyes of those with whom we must deal in the world -- causing even our enemies to be at peace with us. He delivers us from trials, temptations and troubles. He heals us when sick. He sets an angel to guard and protect us from physical harm. He prospers those who rely on Him and obey Him.

Every good thing comes from Him. He richly lavishes upon us His grace, blesses us with every spiritual blessing within the heavenly sphere! And the living Christ has promised He will never leave nor forsake us!

Think of all the blessings for here and now! Think of the ABUNDANT LIVING He bestows on His obedient and trusting sons! Think of the indescribable GLORY and POWER, together with eternal joyful life, we may inherit in the World Tomorrow -- for all eternity!

Now what would be the worst, the most terrible sin one could possibly commit? I think it is self-evident. It is to have another god before the true living GOD!

Whatever occupies your interest more than God and His Word is the idol you are putting before Him. None can be truly converted -- actually BEGOTTEN of God -- until whatever is his IDOL has been smashed, and torn root and branch from his affection and mind and heart.

I had an idol. I didn't recognize it as such then, of course. My idol was pure vanity -- the desire to be regarded by businessmen as important -- as highly successful -- and with it, of course, to acquire the things money can buy. Now that seemed a normal and right ambition to a carnal young man in the business world. But it was an idol. And I worshipped so energetically, so passionately, and with such zeal and determination and STRONG WILL at the shrine of that idol, that it required some 28 years of enforced economic poverty, 21 years of which I was truly seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, before that idol had been torn COMPLETELY, root and branch, out of my heart. After that God did, indeed, add the material comforts and needs -- as Christ promised!

Yes, I had my idol -- WHAT'S YOURS? What do you seek first -- pleasures, the television screen, your wife, husband, children? What is it that YOU JUST can't GIVE UP? You'll HAVE to give it up, you know -- or you ARE COMMITTING THE MOST AWFUL SIN IT IS POSSIBLE TO COMMIT! It is the sin that shuts you off from that personal CONTACT with GOD!

God tells us that His ear is not deaf that He cannot hear our petitions; His arm is not short that it cannot respond -- but OUR SINS have separated between Him and us, that He WILL NOT hear!

You have to be willing to FORSAKE ALL, as Peter did, and follow Christ, or remain cut OFF from God!

Our physical surroundings in this world are sordid, gloomy, dark, and it's a cold, cold world! Yet we may freely imbibe,  drink in, be filled with and ENJOY here and now a share of the matchless BEAUTY, the SPLENDOR, the GLORY and the HAPPINESS that belongs to and comes from the living GOD!

We may have this in ever-increasing measure. God gives us an "earnest payment" of our potential glorious inheritance HERE AND NOW, in this life! Though this world is unhappy and full of depressing discouragements, we may share Christ's glory and peace and happiness and beauty within!

The greatest possible sin is that which shuts you out from the greatest possible acquirement! It is the ULTIMATE!

The most terrible possible PUNISHMENT that could be sentenced and carried out on any human would be to permanently and irrevocably cut one off from all possible access to GOD!

This world IS cut off from God -- it has cut itself off! Yet, NOT irrevocably. You may have FREE ACCESS to the Great God -- through Jesus Christ our Lord! The WAY is unconditional surrender of your rebellious will to HIS -- to HIS WAY -- His right and perfect laws. The WAY, then, is by faith in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour.

Man, without God, is utterly helpless and doomed. WITH God, he becomes the recipient of every good and perfect gift from above!


THIS FIFTH examination is given to help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible and EVALUATE your own progress.

You should by all means take this test after finishing the enclosed lesson. It is a SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering your studies in this fifth group of four lessons. It's a quick review to help YOU REMEMBER and put to PRACTICAL USE the vital Truth of God you have learned. It also lets us know of your CONTINUED interest in the study of your Bible.

Notice that there are 81 questions in this test. Also notice that FOUR CHOICES are given under EACH question. These are labeled A, B, C, D. ONLY ONE of these four choices is the CORRECT answer! The other three are FALSE, UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.

YOU ARE TO SELECT THE ONE RIGHT ANSWER FROM AMONG THESE FOUR CHOICES. You do this by CIRCLING the letter of the answer you feel to be correct. The correct answers to the first two questions are already circled for you as examples. Repeat this procedure for each question. (Generally speaking, the INCORRECT answers are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed about the subject.)

Notice that the questions are divided into four parts -- parts to this present group of four lessons. We advise you not to cover more than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time to understand each question. Try to answer as many questions as you can without referring to the lessons. If you find any difficult questions, then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect you to do so -- it isn't cheating!

Once you have finished going over the questions and are satisfied with your answers, FILL OUT your ANSWER CARD by placing an "X" in the box which corresponds to the selection you have chosen to be the correct answer FOR EACH QUESTION. (Notice that the first two questions are already marked correctly for you on your answer card as examples.) That's all there is to it! It's very simple and fast.

You are to SEND ONLY THE ANSWER CARD in to us when filled out. Handle your answer card carefully at all times. A SMOOTH  CARD is easier to grade. Your grade will NOT be recorded in any of our files -- only YOU will have that record once we return your answer card. The only purpose for our correcting and grading your answer card is to HELP YOU better understand your Bible and evaluate your own progress.

We will CONTINUE to send you further lessons as long as you sincerely desire to understand more of the Bible. So be sure to TAKE THIS TEST and send us your completed answer card.

Lesson 17


1. To receive eternal life, we must

A. just believe on the Lord Jesus.

B. follow the dictates of our conscience.

C. repent, believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and begin to keep God's commandments.

D. just join the church of our choice and shake the preacher's hand.

2. The law of God

A. is cruel, harsh and enslaving.

B. is the supreme, eternal, SPIRITUAL law of love.

C. was the Old Covenant; therefore it has been done away.

D. was "nailed to the cross" by Christ; therefore we don't have to keep it today.

3. In this modern age

A. ministers everywhere are proclaiming obedience to God's Laws.

B. God's spiritual laws have nothing to do with our everyday life.

C. only your human conscience can be a true guide to joyful living.

D. the world is unhappy because of our rejection and transgression of God's spiritual laws.

4. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The Ten Commandments are a part of the RITUALISTIC law of Moses.

B. The Ten Commandments are the SAME as the RITUALISTIC law of Moses.

C. The Ten Commandments did not exist until God gave them to Moses at Mount Sinai.

D. The Ten Commandments have been in full force and effect since Adam.

5. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Love summarizes the supreme spiritual law of God.

B. Love is the fulfilling of the law.

C. The Holy Spirit of God imparts God's love to man.

D. We were BORN with the love that enables us to keep God's laws.

6. Sin is

A. the violation of the Ten Commandments.

B. something to be desired.

C. the keeping of the law.

D. the transgression of our conscience.

7. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Human beings instinctively know right from wrong.

B. Human nature teaches us right from wrong.

C. Our conscience tells us right from wrong.

D. God must REVEAL to man right from wrong.

8. God first revealed His spiritual Law

A. to Moses at Mount Sinai.

B. to Adam by direct teaching in the Garden of Eden.

C. to Adam in the Garden of Eden, but it was not made binding until Mount Sinai.

D. in the days of Jesus.

9. The transgression of the law produces

A. permanent high wages.

B. true happiness.

C. suffering, sorrow, and death.

D. eternal life.

10. Has God given man the right to CHOOSE whether or not he will obey His law?

A. Yes, it is totally up to us to decide.

B. No, we have no choice at all in the matter.

C. We don't know since this is a philosophical question.

D. The Bible does not reveal the answer.

11. Cain

A. obeyed God's laws perfectly.

B. loved his brother Abel.

C. sinned by murdering Abel.

D. never transgressed God's Law.

12. Was idolatry a SIN long before Moses?

A. Absolutely not!

B. There is a possibility it might have been a sin.

C. We can't know for sure since there is no record of it.

D. Yes, the Bible clearly shows that it was.

13. God

A. reveals that we may tell a "white lie" occasionally.

B. reveals that Abraham SINNED by lying about his wife to King Abimelech.

C. revealed to the Israelites that they didn't have to keep His laws and commandments.

D. revealed only a few of His Ten Commandments before Sinai.

14. Dishonoring a parent was a sin in the days of Noah because

A. "good common sense" revealed that it was.

B. God's commandments had revealed it to be so.

C. Noah said it was.

D. Noah's grandson, Canaan, said it was.

15. Adultery

A. was encouraged by God in Joseph's time.

B. was committed by Joseph and Potiphar's wife.

C. was not imputed as sin before Moses' time.

D. was avoided by Joseph because he knew it was a sin.

16. Coveting

A. was a sin being committed before the flood.

B. was not a sin before the flood.

C. is not a sin today.

D. is the opposite of lusting.

17. Abraham, who lived between the time of Adam and Moses,

A. discovered God's laws accidentally.

B. was a lawless man.

C. knew nothing at all about God's laws.

D. was taught God's spiritual law by God's own voice.

Lesson 18


18. By examining your Bible, you can see that it has

A. five major divisions.

B. two major divisions.

C. no divisions at all.

D. innumerable major divisions.

19. Why is it important to understand the PURPOSE of these two major divisions of the Bible?

A. Certainly not because our salvation depends on how well we understand and APPLY what is revealed in them.

B. Because they reveal that we must have the miraculous help of God's Holy Spirit to obey Him and receive eternal life.

C. So we can know that God's spiritual law has been done away since Christ's coming.

D. There is no particular reason.

20. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. We were born with a loving, spiritual attitude.

B. It is preposterous to think that God would share His very own divine nature with us.

C. We have a promise from God that our natures can be miraculously changed.

D. It would be natural for people today to love each other if there was not so much strife in the world.

21. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Man, by nature, tends to be loving.

B. Some people say the Bible reveals that man's natural mind is enmity toward God, but these people have read this into God's Word.

C. The natural mind is just what the Bible says it is -- enmity against God.

D. Even though the natural mind is enmity against God, man can overcome this by his own power.

22. God

A. requires obedience to His laws today.

B. no longer requires obedience to His laws since Christ came, because by then He knew that man would never be able to keep them.

C. no longer abides by the principles of His laws, therefore He does not expect man to keep them either.

D. realizes that love of fellowman profits no one.

23. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Man should not surrender himself to God, but rather be a rugged, self-willed individualist.

B. To surrender one's self to God would be a sure sign of weakness.

C. To surrender ourselves to God so that He may change our nature is the only wise course of action.

D. The Bible teaches that when all become of one race there will be no one to hate. Then all will live naturally by the Royal Law of Love.

24. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Man will eventually EVOLVE into a superbeing similar to God.

B. Man can never become a member of the very Family of God.

C. God finished His creation of man in the Garden of Eden.

D. God is still in the process of creating man SPIRITUALLY here on this earth by placing His Holy Spirit within those who repent and OBEY Him!

25. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God has allowed it to be demonstrated to mankind that it is impossible for man, of himself, to keep God's Royal Law of Love.

B. God had no purpose in mind when He made the Old Covenant with the Israelites.

C. God does not have a master plan, nor does He know the "end from the beginning."

D. There is no relationship between the first and last parts of the Bible, and the first part is not meant to teach us a LESSON TODAY.

26. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. It is not advisable to pray before you begin studying the Bible with the Correspondence Course.

B. Occasionally reviewing previous lessons is a recommended practice for retaining God's Word in your mind.

C. Writing down scripture references in answer to questions does not aid retention.

D. It is safe to accept what anyone teaches about the Bible without checking it by the scriptures.

27. A covenant is

A. not an agreement.

B. -- no one knows what it is -- the dictionary does not tell us!

C. an agreement between two or more parties.

D. something that concerned the Old Covenant people only.

28. Death

A. of one of the parties is involved in a covenant.

B. of the testator is not involved in a will or testament.

C. of the testator establishes -- brings into force -- a will or testament.

D. has nothing to do with a will or testament.

29. In a covenant between two parties,

A. neither party has any responsibilities to perform.

B. one party has a responsibility to perform, but the other party does not.

C. the mention of responsibilities is carefully avoided.

D. both parties have responsibilities to perform.

30. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God made a covenant with ancient Israel.

B. God made a testament with ancient Israel.

C. God made a testament and covenant with ancient Israel.

D. God made a covenant with the ancient Gentiles.

31. The first part of the Bible may rightly be called

A. the New Testament.

B. the Old Testament.

C. the Old Testament and Covenant.

D. the Old Covenant.

32. The Holy Spirit of love and power

A. was made available to the Gentiles in Old Covenant times.

B. was made available to the Israelite nation in Old Covenant times.

C. was not made available to the Israelites in Old Covenant times.

D. was not something that man needed in Old Covenant times in order to keep God's Law.

33. The Supreme Law of God is

A. the rigmarole of rituals given to ancient Israel.

B. the Royal Law of Love.

C. -- there is no such thing.

D. nothing more than just thinking good thoughts.

34. The Royal Law of Love

A. constitutes one of the Ten Commandments.

B. is of no value in a "civilized" world.

C. has no connection with the Ten Commandments.

D. -- is the SUMMARY of the Ten Commandments.

35. The people of ancient Israel were made to realize

A. their ability to keep God's Law.

B. God would lower His standards to meet their inability to keep it.

C. their own inability to keep God's Law.

D. that THEIR way of living contrary to God's Laws brought no punishments upon them.

36. Was Israel's failure to keep God's Law intended as a LESSON for us today.

A. Yes, that's what the Bible says.

B. Definitely not!

C. God did not intend us to learn that we can't obey Him without His Holy Spirit.

D. Since Christ came, the first part of the Bible is of no value to us today.

37. God did not ordain the life-for-a-life principle BEFORE the flood because

A. that would have been a cruel thing to do.

B. no murder was being committed then.

C. He wanted to impress upon the world the horror of unbridled sin, with its sorrow, suffering and death.

D. everyone was already lavishing love upon his neighbor.

38. Must we YEARN TO follow God's Royal Law of Love perfectly and actually STRIVE TO do so with God's help?

A. That would be silly since God's Law is done away.

B. It is not necessary since everyone is already following it.

C. Yes, with all of our heart and mind!

D. We must yearn to, but not really STRIVE to do so.

39. What was the purpose of the rigmarole of rituals God gave ancient Israel?

A. They had no purpose whatsoever.

B. To impress upon man his inability to keep God's Spiritual Law of himself, and our NEED of a Savior so we may receive God's forgiveness and His Holy Spirit.

C. Any one of this world's ministers knows the reason.

D. They were an unjust and cruel punishment from God.

Lesson 19


40. The last half of the Bible should more properly bear the title

A. the New Testament.

B. The New Covenant and Testament.

C. the New Covenant.

D. the Covenant.

41. Is it necessary to understand the TRUE meaning of the title "New Covenant and Testament"?

A. Not particularly.

B. Yes, extremely so, since it involves our salvation.

C. It isn't necessary since we already have eternal life.

D. Since this title does not refer to events having to do with our being born of God, it is not necessary to understand its true meaning.

42. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. We need God's miraculous help now.

B. We do not need God's spiritual help now, or at any other time in the future.

C. We can place our confidence in our own human power to overcome our nature and obey God.

D. Man is not a free moral agent, therefore he is not free to choose to accept the miraculous help God freely offers mankind.

43. Did Christ teach we are to depend upon OUR OWN power to make ourselves eligible to enter the Kingdom of God?

A. Yes, His teaching clearly shows that we should.

B. He was indefinite about this point.

C. He did not say.

D. He emphatically warned man not to do so.

44. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God said, "I will never make man in my image."

B. It is presumptuous for man to think he may become like God.

C. It is impossible for God to make man like Himself.

D. God said, "Let us make man in our image."

45. What is the only power that can make us a new SPIRITUAL creation?

A. Our human physical power.

B. The power of the Holy Spirit.

C. Our own human mental power.

D. We can't become a SPIRITUAL creation, for nowhere in heaven or earth can there be found a promise that we can ever be anything but just ordinary mortal human beings.

46. Which ONE is true? When we cease to exist in our present mortal state,

A. we will be dead forever.

B. we will be merely angels.

C. we will be tortured forever in hellfire.

D. we can be married to Christ at His coming, provided we have been begotten of God's Spirit and grown in His character before death.

47. Where was the fault with the Old Covenant?

A. With God.

B. The Bible does not say.

C. With the people.

D. The Bible says no one was at fault.

48. Who came to herald the terms of the New Covenant to the world?

A. Adam.

B. Moses.

C. Matthew.

D. Christ.

49. The New Covenant offers mankind

A. forgiveness of past sins only.

B. a miraculous change in nature only.

C. forgiveness of past sins AND a miraculous change in nature.

D. nothing of lasting value.

50. Are there any steps you must take in order to enter into this New Covenant with God?

A. None at all.

B. Yes, one step. Be baptized.

C. Yes, but changing your way of living is not necessary.

D. Yes -- believe and repent, and be baptized.

51. The New Covenant is to be made with

A. all nations.

B. the blood descendants of Israel only.

C. those who have lived since Christ only.

D. those who have firmly decided they will never change their way of life.

52. The last part of the Bible is called a testament because

A. Christ testified against the Pharisees.

B. Christ testified against the Sadducees.

C. Christ, by means of His death, left to those who surrender themselves to God, a will -- a testament -- which makes them HEIRS TO the promises God made to Abraham, and spells out what they must DO NOW TO become inheritors.

D. by Peter's death we can now inherit the promises made to Abraham.

53. Christ will ESTABLISH the New Marriage Covenant

A. with mortal human beings.

B. with those who are changed into Spirit beings at His coming -- those born of God's Spirit.

C. with Israelites only.

D. with Gentiles only.

54. What should be our goal now?

A. To live riotously and recklessly.

B. To prepare ourselves so we can enter the New Covenant relationship with Christ when He returns.

C. Not to have a goal.

D. To ask the first minister you meet what HE thinks about the New Covenant.

55. Did Christ come to destroy God's law?

A. Yes, He said so!

B. No, He merely fulfilled it for us so we need not keep it today.

C. No, He came to magnify it.

D. The "Law" does not exist, therefore He could not destroy it.

56. To "magnify" the law means

A. to make the law less strict.

B. to do away with the law.

C. to change the law.

D. to explain the spiritual intent and purpose of God's law.

57. TRUE happiness comes only from

A. robbing the other fellow.

B. lusting after women.

C. lusting after money.

D. keeping God's Royal Law of Love.

58. You can obtain correct information on how to enter the New Covenant from

A. any minister.

B. any church or denomination.

C. religious pamphlets you may find on park benches.

D. your Bible and God's True Church.

59. Down through the ages since Christ came, how many different churches have truly represented God?

A. Only ONE church -- the "Church of God."

B. Hundreds of different denominations and sects.

C. None at all.

D. Two, to be exact.

60. Does God warn us not to receive any other spirit than His Holy Spirit?

A. Emphatically yes!

B. He vaguely hints at it.

C. No, for there's no chance of that.

D. We should pay no attention to warnings from God.

61. The headquarters of the WORLDWIDE "Church of God" is located

A. in Geneva, Switzerland.

B. in South America.

C. in Chicago, Illinois.

D. in Pasadena, California.

Lesson 20


62. The Holy Spirit is

A. a "third person" with Christ and the Father.

B. our "inner consciousness."

C. the spiritual nature and power of God that we must RECEIVE from Him.

D. the spiritual nature and power of God that we were BORN WITH.

63. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The Holy Spirit of power can only be in ONE place at a time.

B. The Holy Spirit is the very essence of God -- it is His mind, nature and power.

C. The Holy Spirit is the THIRD person of a "trinity."

D. The Holy Spirit is a figment of the imagination.

64. As a result of Adam's sin,

A. God immediately made the Holy Spirit available to all mankind.

B. mankind was cut off from access to the POWER of God's Spirit until Christ came.

C. Satan thwarted forever God's plan of salvation for mankind.

D. he became far happier by going his own way instead of God's way.

65. God promised

A. that He would never make His Holy Spirit available for mankind again.

B. that everyone in Old Testament times would receive the Holy Spirit and thus be "saved."

C. that only Jesus Christ would ever receive His Spirit of power.

D. that He would later give His Spirit of POWER to all those who would hunger and thirst for it.

66. Jesus Christ

A. kept God's laws PERFECTLY by the POWER of the Holy Spirit within Him.

B. was not born as human flesh and blood with carnal, sinful nature.

C. did away with His Father's commandments.

D. performed amazing miracles by His OWN power.

67. Christians today

A. are to keep God's laws by their own HUMAN power.

B. are to follow Jesus Christ's perfect example of obedience.

C. are to keep only the LETTER of the law.

D. cannot possess the power of the Holy Spirit so necessary to obey God.

68. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. It can NEVER be possible for man, possessing human nature as he does, to keep God's SPIRITUAL law.

B. Christ came so He could keep the law of God in our stead.

C. We don't have to keep the SPIRITUAL law.

D. Jesus, with human nature, was tempted in all points as we are, but was able to RESIST sinning because He had the full power of the Holy Spirit within Him.

69. What did Christ promise to send to Christians -- His followers -- after His ascension to heaven?

A. Not a thing.

B. An intensified carnal nature.

C. The Holy Spirit of power to MIRACULOUSLY STRENGTHEN them.

D. The Holy Spirit which would selfishly work for the good of only themselves.

70. Which ONE IS FALSE? Upon the first miraculous arrival of the Holy Spirit,

A. it empowered the disciples to speak in different foreign languages on the Day of Pentecost.

B. brilliant flames of FIRE sat upon the disciples.

C. a sound as of a rushing mighty wind filled the house.

D. it did NOT MANIFEST much power.

71. The disciples' receipt of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost

A. was of great significance to the disciples only.

B. is proof that we, who are mortal beings as the disciples were, can never receive the Holy Spirit today.

C. marked the BEGINNING of the time when God's power became available to all who would repent and be baptized.

D. caused them to become demon-possessed.

72. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. Peter was converted BEFORE the Holy Spirit of POWER came.

B. Christ's disciples BRAVELY delivered Him from the Roman soldiers before they received the Holy Spirit.

C. The disciples received GREAT spiritual strength upon receiving the Holy Spirit.

D. There was no apparent change in Peter or the other disciples after they received God's power.

73. To what extent was the power of the Holy Spirit MANIFESTED through Peter?

A. It wasn't.

B. It did not manifest very much power through him.

C. To the extent that just his SHADOW passing over the sick HEALED them.

D. It caused him to deny Christ three times.

74. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. God's Holy Spirit-empowered Church was established on the Day of Pentecost, shortly after Christ's death.

B. God's Spirit-empowered TRUE Church exists today.

C. The Worldwide Church of God is God's Spirit-empowered true Church.

D. The true Spirit-empowered Church no longer exists.

75. Man was created

A. perfect only in the PHYSICAL sense.

B. a perfect spiritual creation.

C. possessing divine spiritual power within him.

D. in such a manner that he could never have God's Holy Spirit placed within him.

76. God, by placing His Spirit of love and power within human beings, is in the process of creating

A. mere automatons.

B. just better HUMAN BEINGS.

C. ultimate perfect SPIRITUAL characters and very Sons of God!

D. angels with perfect character.

77. How must the lives of spirit-begotten Christians become CHANGED?

A. They must go through a "reformation" process solely brought about by their own will.

B. They don't have to change in any way, but just continue living in sin as before.

C. Their minds must be miraculously RENEWED and advanced toward perfection by the power of the Holy Spirit, thus becoming more like God's mind every day.

D. By resisting the changing power of the Holy Spirit.

78. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. No prior conditions need to be met before one may receive the Holy Spirit of power.

B. We may have direct access to the Father in heaven through the Holy Spirit.

C. People in Old Covenant times prayed directly to the FATHER.

D. God is stingy about giving us His Holy Spirit of power.

79. The Holy Spirit of POWER we can possess

A. will cause us to become mentally unbalanced.

B. is a miracle-producing dynamo which can give us mortals continual power WITHOUT further contact with God.

C. is the power needed for self-mastery, abundant joy, and true happiness.

D. will never bring us lasting happiness.

80. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The Father resurrected Jesus from death to immortal life merely because he led a carnal-minded "good life."

B. The Father raised Christ to immortality because the Holy Spirit resided in Jesus until death.

C. We can expect the Father to raise us to immortality if the Holy Spirit does NOT dwell in us.

D. The Father will raise us to immortal life as long as we had the Holy Spirit at sometime during our mortal lives.

81. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. We can ultimately receive the COMPLETE use of God's tremendous power without FIRST preparing to control it now.

B. This life is the training ground in which we are learning to RIGHTLY direct the vast Spiritual power God will give us when we are born of God.

C. We need to have God's powerful Holy Spirit clean us up spiritually.

D. At the resurrection we shall receive the FULL POWER and nature of God and thus be able to keep His laws perfectly FOREVER.

Now That You've Finished

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