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Pictured on our Test Two cover is a composite of the cover photos used in the preceding four lessons. Each picture is a reminder of the marvelous Bible Truths you studied with each lesson.

Be sure to REVIEW each lesson and your own notes before you begin answering the test questions.

Each Correspondence Course Test is designed to teach as well as help you evaluate your progress. Now is the time to put to PRACTICAL USE the knowledge you have learned from the Bible! -------------------- an open letter from THE DIRECTOR ...

You were put on earth for a purpose! Do you know what that purpose is?

The wisest men in the world don't know what it is. But you can know.

The knowledge of that purpose is made plain in the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. You are now up to Test Two in this course. But this is only the BEGINNING. Dozens of important, astounding lessons are coming! You have only begun to study the full truth of your Bible.

Do you realize that only in this LAST GENERATION God has BEGUN to reveal the FULL Bible knowledge with which to educate the whole world during the soon-coming millennial age? And you can have a part in it. As kings, priests and rulers, THAT'S part of the purpose for which you were born!

God opens to you a glorious future for all eternity! "They that be wise shall SHINE as the brightness of the firmament; and THEY THAT TURN MANY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS, as the STARS FOR EVER AND EVER"! (Dan. 12:3) Don't YOU want to be one of these?

You're not able, you say? Listen! God planned it to be this way. He says, "Not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the ... WEAK things of the world to confound the things which are mighty"! (I Cor. 1:26-27.) HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! The MIGHTY MEN of this world are now ASLEEP! GOD has led you to this work for a purpose. Now He wants you -- and most of you are the "weak" -- to take advantage of this opportunity!

Are you beginning to feel the real THRILL of knowing that, at long last, you can know WHO God truly is -- what He wants of you -- what His plans are, and what He has planned for YOU in the soon-coming future and for all eternity?

You should get down on your knees and THANK GOD for His kindness to you! David praised and thanked God often.

With your OWN eyes, you have PROVED to yourself, in these lessons, that the Bible is NOT the great book of MISinformation which the ministers of the world have, by their speech and actions, led many of you to believe it was. You are now beginning to realize that this book -- the Bible -- has a DEFINITE MESSAGE to tell you. It clearly explains that message in all its detail!

You have seen that God, Himself, explains these details to you by inspiring His own true ministers to FIT ALL THE PARTS TOGETHER so that you may check them by His Word. THE MINISTERS OF THIS WORLD HAVE NEVER USED THIS PROCEDURE!

Indeed you have set out upon the HIGHWAY of LIBERTY! THIS WAY is going to bring to you all THE good things you have EVER desired -- and MORE! God planned it to be so. Thousands of others, like yourself, are now CANDIDATES for the glorious Family of God. They come from all walks of life. Here are just a FEW excerpts -- from the thousands of letters we have received -- which I especially want to share with you.

A student from New York writes: "I wish to inform you that in my opinion the Ambassador College Bible Course is the MOST INFORMATIVE and CONCISE course I have ever come in contact with. Wonderful, REVEALING, true, and eye-opening is this course. I study it with all earnestness with God as my overseer. My prayers are for God's blessings and guidance in your endeavours."

This man is overjoyed that he can grow in grace and knowledge, with assurance that he is following the RIGHT way!

From Illinois: "I am THRILLED beyond words with my Bible Study Course. Just the two lessons have MADE THE READING MUCH EASIER. My trouble isn't in finding TIME to study. I have trouble finding a place to STOP. Hours slip by before I realize it. I am indeed thankful that I have the privilege of taking these lessons."

Here is a woman who will let NOTHING hinder her from her goal -- the acquiring of the true knowledge of the Bible. She is on the way to salvation.

From Missouri this letter: "I received your Bible Study Course and I like it very much. It is the BEST I've ever seen. There is much more I could say about it, but words are so cheap. You will find a small offering to help a little, so that SOMEONE ELSE MAY BENEFIT by the reading of the truth."

Yes, all of us have a PART in the spreading of God's true work! We are going to be working with Him forever.

A husband and wife from Texas write: "We are studying and working on the Bible Study Course and find it so very interesting. At first it all seemed rather hard but after a few days working on the questions, we find it so interesting and we are learning things we had NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FIND in the Bible before. The thirty minutes pass so quickly. We never seem able to quit until we have put in an hour or more!"

Both the husband and wife should SHARE in this Bible study if it is at all possible. It will strengthen both of them much more. Then both can teach their new knowledge TO THEIR CHILDREN.

This was received from another couple living in Alabama: "We are just thrilled beyond words. It is so EASY TO LEARN the Bible from this wonderful Study Course. We never imagined it could be so easy."

The study of His Word is a JOY when you are GUIDED into the TRUE understanding of the Holy Bible!

One of our students in Louisiana writes: "Yes, I am noticing the increasingly common occurrence of drought, dust storms, floods, and earthquakes. I see the Bible DOES write tomorrow's newspaper headlines far in advance! I see that the TIME IS SHORT FOR GETTING GOD'S WARNING MESSAGE TO THIS SIN-SICK WORLD. And we must WORK HARDER and put our WHOLE HEARTS INTO GOD'S WORK MORE THAN EVER!"

This is the TRUTH! God makes it PLAIN in the Bible!

Finally, from Arizona comes this enthusiastic student's  letter: "Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong: I have received my first Bible Study Lesson, for which I am thankful. I have looked many years -- BOUGHT many courses of study but with little satisfaction. The Bible Study Correspondence Course is my ANSWER. I THANK GOD. Please find small offering."

Finding the place where one can be taught God's true knowledge is like finding a GOLD MINE!

The people, whose letters I have just quoted, are DIGGING at the mine of God's Word. They will BE PREPARED! WILL YOU? Of course, YOU MUST STUDY! It isn't difficult, not if you are REALLY interested. You see, from their letters, how the others are progressing -- so CAN You! And do you know that our records show that the majority of Correspondence Course students score HIGH GRADES? IT'S THAT EASY!

God -- "the Sower" -- has sown His "Word," a beginning knowledge of the Bible, in YOUR mind (Mark 4:14). Are you going to let the CARES of this world, or disinterest, choke out this golden opportunity you now have? (Verse 19.) Budget your time and energy -- MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR BIBLE STUDY EVERY DAY!

Perhaps you haven't realized it, but you have ALREADY put your "hand to the plow" to ATTAIN THE KNOWLEDGE of how you may enter the Kingdom of God! God warns, "No man, having put his hand to the plow, AND LOOKING BACK, is fit for the Kingdom of God" (Luke 9:62). You CAN MISS OUT ON EVERYTHING! The choice is yours -- so, CHOOSE TO CONTINUE YOUR STUDY of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. DO NOT LET ANYTHING STAND IN THE WAY!

Be sure to complete and RETURN your answer card as soon as possible so you can begin receiving your next four lessons. They reveal the astounding PROOF of God's EXISTENCE and the VERACITY of His inspired Word. The amazing, IRREFUTABLE FACTS from the Bible itself, from secular history, archaeology and geology -- and even the immutable laws of science are laid out for you step by step, and in simple terms, so even a child can understand.

I know you won't want to miss a single exciting lesson!


THIS SECOND examination is given to help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible.

You are now reading the instructions for answering the questions.

Note that there are 80 questions and that they are numbered consecutively 1, 2, 3 etc. Note also that there are FOUR possible answers given under each question. These are labeled A, B, C, D. ONLY ONE OF THESE FOUR POSSIBLE ANSWERS IS THE RIGHT ONE! -- the other three are FALSE UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.


Repeat this process for each of the questions asked. This comprises your test. (Generally speaking, the INCORRECT answers are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed about the subject.)

As you select the ONE right answer to each question, make a pencil mark in the MARGIN beside the correct answer to each question. Answer as many questions as you can without referring to the previous four lessons you have studied. If you find any difficult questions, then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect you to do so!

Once you have finished going over the questions, TRANSFER your marks from the margins of this question section onto the  enclosed ANSWER CARD. You are to SEND ONLY THE ANSWER CARD in to us when filled out.

Be sure to handle your answer card carefully at all times. A SMOOTH CARD aids us in grading. It will then be RETURNED to you.

Those who do not send in answers to the tests, or those who show by a very low number of correct answers that they are not particularly interested, will obviously have to be dropped from the Course.

Notice that the questions are divided into four parts -- corresponding to the last four lessons. We advise you not to cover more than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time to understand each question.

Here are two EXAMPLES TO SHOW YOU HOW TO MARK the Answer Card.

Read the FIRST QUESTION of this test. The right answer to select, this time, is "C." Now look at your answer card -- observe the "X" in the square TO THE RIGHT of question 1, and UNDER C. It is already correctly marked for you!

Here is the second example: Notice question 2 on this page. The correct answer is "B." Answer "B" is also marked correctly for you!

That's all there is to it! It's very simple and fast.

The procedure for marking your answer card IS ALWAYS the same. Now continue with question 3...

Lesson 5


1. Jesus was born to ultimately

A. teach all men to join a Christian church.

B. set forth principles the nations should use in electing their officials.

C. be a king and sit on David's throne.

D. picture to all men the worth of rugged individualism.

2. When Christ is King over all the earth, HOW will He govern it?

A. Through elected representatives of all nations.

B. By God's law, which will then be the law of the whole world.

C. By allowing men to reason out the specific laws and regulations best for each nation under the circumstances.

D. By applying the wise principles men have formulated through their various governments and the United Nations.

3. From WHERE will Jesus receive His crown and His kingdom?

A. From the United Nations and all men of good will.

B. From His saints and His churches.

C. Since His kingdom is not literal, His coronation takes place only in the hearts of men.

D. From God the Father in heaven.

4. Jesus' actual coronation

A. took place when He ascended to heaven.

B. will take place AFTER He conquers the Anti-Christ.

C. will take place JUST BEFORE His second coming.

D. takes place when each of us pledges Him our allegiance.

5. As King of kings, how many great crowns will Jesus have?

A. Three, to show His sovereignty over heaven, hell, and earth.

B. Only one.

C. Seven, the "perfect number."

D. Many -- the exact number is not given.

6. When do the saints receive their crowns?

A. At Christ's return.

B. When they die "in Christ."

C. After Jesus subdues all nations and rules them for some time.

D. Just after they are raptured to heaven.

7. After His return, Jesus' dominion

A. will be only in Palestine.

B. will actually be in heaven, where the saints are raptured.

C. will be over Christian nations only.

D. will extend to the ends of the earth.

8. When Christ comes to rule the world, He will

A. govern gently and sweetly at all times.

B. place over Israel one who never had any military experience.

C. be very severe with the unruly.

D. take no interest in education, as education has nothing to do with a better way of life.

9. WHICH ONE of these four statements is FALSE? When Christ's government is established on earth

A. mankind will be taught the right way to live.

B. true Christian diligence which people exercise now will not be rewarded.

C. all the transformed saints will constitute a kingdom of priests.

D. some saints, in addition, will have other functions.

10. The final fate of those who, in the Millennium cannot be taught obedience under any circumstances, will be

A. that they will be left to shift for themselves.

B. eternal removal from both God and man.

C. removal to another planet.

D. an opportunity to receive more chances.

11. False or improper education

A. enslaves us.

B. may result in a little discomfort to us, but it does not enslave us.

C. results when God's Word is taught in the public schools.

D. is not one of the ills today in the Western world, for we have relatively modern schools.

12. God's ways are

A. firmly believed in by the people of the world today.

B. superior to our ways.

C. taught in the public schools today.

D. taught by the religious denominations today.

13. Repentance means

A. not to turn from the wrong way in which one is living.

B. turning to an evil way of life.

C. to keep on living as you are now living.

D. turning from our ways to God's way.

14. What will be the objective of God's program of re-education during the Millennium?

A. To develop the WHOLE character of man -- to perfect his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

B. To reform only our economic system.

C. To re-educate man to understand his responsibility in a DEMOCRATICALLY governed society.

D. To remold only the social life of the community.

15. God's re-educational program will teach men

A. that it is natural to be sick.

B. that God wants us to be poor.

C. that true spirituality is developed by being miserable and unhappy.

D. to become healthy, happy and prosperous.

16. What method will God use to re-educate the world?

A. He will merely reform the present educational structure, making as few changes as possible.

B. He will abolish all present man-made educational systems and institute a new one teaching obedience to God's laws.

C. He will teach everyone to follow whatever he thinks is right.

D. He will keep religion out of the schools.

17. How will God's educational program be supervised?

A. By political parties.

B. By God's government ruling from the top down.

C. By men elected by the vote of the people.

D. By school boards the same as today.

18. How is God now preparing a trained teaching staff for the future?

A. By training teachers in today's worldly top-flight colleges to teach man how to live.

B. He isn't training any -- there won't be any need for teachers during the Millennium.

C. By calling individuals out of the ways of this world and having them experience, by obedience, that God's laws are best.

D. By preparing the various denominations to take over the educational program.

19. Re-education will be successful because

A. there will be power invested in teachers to keep order and to make people learn the truth.

B. the people will vote on what they wish to be taught.

C. teachers won't be allowed to punish children.

D. it will be supervised by denominational churches instead of the government.

20. During the Millennium, which one of the following will be established?

A. Government by God which will regulate man's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

B. Parochial schools to supplement God's system.

C. Military academies to train an efficient army.

D. Special schools for the blind and handicapped.

21. As a result of God's educational program, there will be

A. tolerance extended to all religions.

B. scientific advances in military technology.

C. universal knowledge of the really important things of life.

D. confusion in the methods of instruction.

22. What is the fundamental BASIS of right education?

A. A child-centered training program.

B. God's revealed laws which define right from wrong.

C. The scientific method of study which limits itself strictly to physical things revealed only by man's five senses.

D. A democratically controlled educational program.

23. People have been taught the wrong way of life

A. because they have been following God's laws which are bad for them.

B. only since the time of Christ.

C. -- they have never been taught the wrong way.

D. ever since the days of Adam.

24. What steps is the True Church to take today to prepare for God's future educational program?

A. The Church is to train its members to qualify as teachers for the Millennial reign of Christ.

B. The Church is to force God's way on the world now by a campaign to reform this world's school systems.

C. Church is not to be concerned about it.

D. The Church is to teach that God's laws regulating life have been abolished.

Lesson 6


25. How will Utopia finally become a reality?

A. Only through a true revival in all churches and their union into ONE CHURCH.

B. By men of goodwill everywhere combining their efforts toward this end.

C. Through God's intervention, as He only has the power and wisdom to bring us Utopia.

D. By a true "peace with honor" which our leaders and the United Nations are working so hard to bring about.

26. Why is God allowing men to establish their own forms of human government?

A. So they will ultimately learn how wrong their ways and ideas are.

B. Because different races need different types of human government.

C. To let men enjoy the blessings of their own forms of government.

D. Because He is not concerned with politics.

27. Jesus wants men to

A. renounce all earthly interests.

B. work for world peace through the "accepted" political and religious channels.

C. have abundant, happy lives.

D. strive through denominational churches to bring about  Utopia. 28. How did the world accept Christ's message?

A. Nearly all accepted it except the Jews.

B. They spoke evil of it and rejected it.

C. Only about half the world accepted Jesus' message.

D. The Roman world accepted the TRUE Christian message, and it now permeates our western society.

29. The life-giving stream which will flow from Jerusalem into the Dead Sea

A. will be constructed by the city for commercial purposes.

B. symbolizes the "healing" of the nations through Christ's Spirit going forth to all peoples.

C. signifies Jesus' weeping tears over Jerusalem.

D. shows that man's genius will continue to control natural forces.

30. In the Millennium, devastated cities in Palestine

A. will be rebuilt and repopulated.

B. will in no case be rebuilt.

C. are to be swallowed up by such great earthquakes that they will be forgotten forever.

D. will be used as dumping grounds.

31. During Christ's rule, Israelites will

A. build new homes with an abundance of lumber from Lebanon.

B. again dwell in tents so they can be close to God.

C. all be living in palaces as world rulers.

D. will not have modern cities.

32. Palestine is destined to

A. become mountainous through great earthquakes.

B. remain arid.

C. blossom forth as the Garden of Eden.

D. be covered by the Dead Sea.

33. During Christ's reign, the nations will

A. all be destroyed, except the Israelites.

B. preserve their individual ways and "accept the Lord."

C. be allowed to continue their own systems of government.

D. all learn God's ways and obey His laws.

34. During Christ's reign, material blessings

A. will not be given as a reward.

B. will not be bestowed upon the Gentiles.

C. will not be withheld from the disobedient as a punishment.

D. will be showered on Israel and all other nations that obey.

35. Will there be highways in the Millennium?

A. No, because fast transportation will not be permitted.

B. This is not revealed in the Bible.

C. Yes, there will be great superhighways.

D. Yes, but only a few small ones since very little traveling will be done.

36. In the World Tomorrow, people will

A. all be taught one new language.

B. continue using their present languages without any change.

C. be well-educated and learn several languages.

D. not need to speak since even their thoughts will be made manifest.

37. Will men lose their just reward for their labor and toil in the World Tomorrow?

A. Only when the heathen nations attack and pillage.

B. Sometimes, because human nature will still cause a few men to steal and plunder.

C. No. God says He will not permit His people to be pillaged any more.

D. Yes. God will still let men pillage and plunder others.

38. In the Millennium, Christ will

A. let the weather cycles function normally upon the disobedient.

B. bless ONLY the Jews.

C. see that Israel and all other obedient peoples are blessed with proper rainfall and other physical blessings.

D. not attempt to control the weather.

39. The farmers in Palestine will then

A. be blessed with superabundant crops.

B. be forced to move into the cities for protection.

C. have to rely on irrigation even to raise meager crops.

D. have very few good crops because of soil depletion.

40 In the Millennium, animals will

A. have their natures changed by God and will all become peaceful.

B. sweep over the land in rebellion against human rule.

C. largely have been destroyed and therefore be almost non-existent.

D. become more ferocious.

Lesson 7


41. The United States owes a stupendous national debt because

A. American citizens are motivated by a Godly desire to see that all people live as well as we do.

B. its leaders know other nations can be trusted to pay back our loans with interest in a few years.

C. God has commanded us to make allies of other nations by giving them money, so they will aid us if we are attacked.

D. the people have not known and practiced God's financial laws.

42. God is

A. not interested in your financial affairs.

B. interested in people's finances only to the extent that He knows they are giving something to charity.

C. desirous that all fulfill definite financial obligations which He has commanded.

D. leaving it up to each individual to decide how much he will give to the church.

You Can ESCAPE the WRATH to Come!

In the previous four lessons -- covered in this test -- you glimpsed a view of the unending peace and prosperity God's government will bring to this earth. You learned how to end your financial troubles here and now, and the ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE the horrible punishment man is bringing upon himself! The question is -- what will you DO with this precious knowledge? -------------------------------------------------- PHOTO: Starving beggar of Benares, India. A minute foretaste of famine and disease to plague rebellious mankind! -------------------------------------------------- PHOTO: Above, atomic blast is a vision of DEATH. One third of U.S. and British population is to die from horrifying nuclear attack! Bottom left, Hiroshima after atomic attack -- mute witness of devastation to come. -------------------------------------------------- PHOTO: Lightning strike depicts POWER OF GOD in unleashing the forces of nature upon the disobedient. At left, lava shoots 1000 feet into air from erupting volcano. Hundreds erupting at one time defy the imagination! At right, temblor damage portends drastically increased earthquake activity. -------------------------------------------------- PHOTO: Above, sequence of photos shows development of ravaging tornado. At right, elderly man sits among rubble of what was once his home. Yearly number of twisters continues to increase! --------------------------------------------------

43. We owe God a tenth of our earnings because

A. God wants to see to it that we remain "just poor folks."

B. God is the owner and sustainer of all we produce and use.

C. we are still under the laws of Moses.

D. God plans to help the poor with it.

44. God's plan calls for furthering His Work on earth by

A. means of tithes and offerings.

B. such offerings as people feel they are able to give.

C. seeing that large endowment funds are set up to further His work, thereby making it independent of the support of the people.

D. having people do nothing now, but letting them wait until Christ comes in person to direct them.

45. If we tithe, God has promised

A. nothing in return.

B. He will curse us.

C. we will gain eternal life by this means.

D. He will pour out such a great blessing upon us that there will not be room enough to receive it.

46. Tithes

A. concern only the Jews.

B. do not mean tenths.

C. were commanded by God before the nation Israel ever existed.

D. are taken from your profits after you deduct your personal living expenses.

47. In these end times, God has commanded the tithe to be used

A. primarily to build church hospitals in foreign lands.

B. to spread the true gospel of Christ's imminent return and rule on this earth.

C. to gather the churches of the world into one great, tremendously powerful political organization.

D. to teach people the urgent necessity of believing that Christ is the Saviour and that keeping God's commandments is no longer necessary.

48. God the Father

A. is a working God -- He has work to do.

B. is "retired" and has been doing nothing since the earth was created.

C. is not interested in what transpires on earth.

D. created all things himself.

49. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE? In God's government there is rank,

A. for the Father gave orders to Christ.

B. for Christ bears the title of High Priest of the Father.

C. for Christ gave orders to His apostles or ministers.

D. but Christ and the Father are of equal rank and authority.

50. Melchizedek is

A. a personage in the Old Testament who has never been identified.

B. the High Priest of the Father and the Christ of New Testament times.

C. just another human being who lived in Old Testament times.

D. a divine being who lived on earth in Old Testament times, but who has not been known to have existed on earth since that time.

51. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE? Melchizedek conducted His office of High Priest

A. by instructing Adam and Eve in all the laws of God.

B. without instructing people of Old Testament times in God's tithing law.

C. by personally instructing people in Old Testament times.

D. by blessing Abraham for his tithes.

52. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. Isaac tithed.

B. Abraham tithed.

C. Israel tithed while in Egypt.

D. Jacob tithed.

53. After God called the descendants of Abraham out of their captivity in Egypt, and after they disobeyed Him, He changed His previous Melchizdek-priesthood tithing system by

A. stopping the tithing system entirely.

B. letting the people pay whatever they thought was right to His newly appointed priesthood.

C. having the tithes go to further civil governmental activities.

D. appointing a priesthood of men to receive His tithes.

54. The priests of the Levitical priesthood in Old Testament times used the tithe to

A. further the preaching of the gospel by means of the printing press.

B. do missionary work among the pagan nations around them.

C. support themselves so they could be free to perform services in the tabernacle.

D. further charity.

55. According to the Bible, a "tithe" means

A. a sixth.

B. an indefinite amount

C. a third

D. a tenth.

56. Today, under the New Testament,

A. the tithe is taken from the income BEFORE personal expenses are deducted.

B. inasmuch as there are no more animal sacrifices to be offered, no tithes are required.

C. God abolished His tithing law when Christ was sacrificed.

D. the churches are right when they say "it is better if you tithe, but you will not be held accountable by God if you do not."

57. Since animal sacrifices were done away when Christ was sacrificed, God has ordained another priesthood to take the place of the old ritualistic priesthood. Its name is

A. the Universal Church priesthood.

B. the Levitical priesthood.

C. identified with the various Protestant religious denominations in the world today.

D. the Melchisedec priesthood.

58. The New Testament Melchisedec priesthood has arisen as a result of

A. men being born into it, as was the case with the Old Testament Levitical priesthood.

B. men appointing themselves as God's ministers and preaching contrary to the Bible.

C. Christ, in this last age, calling His chosen servants to preach God's TRUE message from the Bible.

D. a sudden miraculous vision from God.

59. Which ONE of these four statements about the end-time warning message is TRUE?

A. Christ finished proclaiming it in His day.

B. Christ commanded His true called ministers in our day to finish proclaiming it.

C. Christ never gave any command at all regarding it.

D. Christ expected His apostles of that day to finish proclaiming it.

60. You can tell WHICH church is God's Church -- and therefore which church should receive your tithes to carry out the gospel and warning message because

A. it does not bear God's name Church of "God."

B. it faithfully and boldly proclaims the very Word of God and bears much spiritual fruit.

C. it is a little group which has not been given great power through the media of mass communications in these last days.

D. it is a great church bearing a name other than the  "Church of God."

Lesson 8


61. What is God saying to this desperately wicked world?

A. "Earth-shaking, imagination-defying catastrophes of nature are coming because of your sins, but escape is possible through divine protection."

B. "I find all mankind to be my good and faithful servants."

C. "Organize movements for world brotherhood and you will prevent annihilation of human life from the earth."

D. It is ridiculous to think that God is speaking to modern-day nations.

62. How is God speaking to you personally?

A. God is not speaking to you personally today.

B. Through His inspired Word -- the Bible -- and through increasingly severe disruptions of nature.

C. Through the statesmen of your government.

D. Through the philosophy and poetry of great men like Emerson.

63. Is God fair -- is He a God of love?

A. He is fair and loving whenever He doesn't punish us.

B. The Bible does not tell us.

C. No, He is a God of wrath.

D. Of course, because He is a loving Father who corrects His children whenever they go astray.

64. God BEGAN to foretell the cataclysmic disruptions to befall our present generation

A. before the time of Noah.

B. during the time of Moses.

C. during the time of Jesus Christ.

D. just before the very end-time.

65. The people of Sodom

A. are not a WARNING reminder for us today.

B. were basically good people who didn't know better than to continue in their sins.

C. were practicing evil just as this world is today.

D. were spared destruction for their sins.

66. Which ONE of these classes heeded God's warnings?

A. Only the few who have feared and respected God's authority down through the ages.

B. The vast majority in Noah's day.

C. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.

D. All who ever heard the truth.

67. Which method did God use to warn the Egyptians?

A. God gave no warning, but immediately sent devastating plagues.

B. God first spoke His warning through His chosen ministers of that day.

C. God used the pagan Egyptian priests to warn Pharaoh.

D. God told the Jews, who thought they were called to be preachers, to warn the Egyptians.

68. How must God loosen man from bondage to his wicked human nature so that he may be freed to seek God?

A. God will be forced to pour out fierce plagues upon rebellious and stubborn mankind just as He did to free ancient Israel from enslaving Pharaoh.

B. God will be able to do so by using moderate means with everyone.

C. God must use gentle means with everyone.

D. God will not interfere in human affairs today, or in the future.

69. What does "to know the Lord" signify?

A. To join a church denomination.

B. To shed tears in an evangelistic meeting.

C. To believe the Father sent Christ to abolish His Law.

D. To recognize and act on the fact that God is Creator, Sustainer, Law-giver and Ruler.

70. Why will God severely PUNISH the nations today?

A. Because God has pleasure in seeing humans suffer.

B. Because that is the only way they will turn to God and learn the right way to live.

C. Because He wants to destroy human lives.

D. Because the people are keeping God's Law.

71. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. The white horse of Revelation 6 pictures Jesus Christ.

B. The pale horse of Revelation 6 pictures great floods of water overflowing the earth.

C. The black horse of Revelation 6 pictures the curse of atheistic communism.

D. The red horse of Revelation 6 pictures increasing warfare.

72. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. One fourth of mankind will die in the "beginning of sorrows."

B. The United States and Britain will be the only nations to escape famine and disease epidemics.

C. The prophesied darkening of the sun and moon and the occurrence of spectacular meteor showers have already happened in the 19th century.

D. Earthquakes are gradually diminishing in frequency and intensity.

73. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. God will temporarily withhold the trumpet plagues until the 144,000 are "sealed."

B. Having the "seal" -- the Holy Spirit -- in their foreheads will protect the 144,000 from further plagues.

C. The 144,000 includes ALL of the "firstfruits" who have ever turned to God before the Millennium begins.

D. In addition to the 144,000, a great innumerable multitude will repent and be sealed when God shakes the very heavens.

74. Between which great world powers will the terrible "east-west" war soon be fought?

A. Communist Russia and the United States of America.

B. Fascist (Nazi) Europe and Communist Russia.

C. The United States of America and Fascist (Nazi) Europe.

D. Great Britain and Egypt.

75. What do the "locusts" of Revelation 9 symbolize?

A. Modern Fascist Europe's weapons of warfare which will have power to torment men.

B. Huge hordes of insects.

C. Massive armies of foot soldiers.

D. Weapons for naval warfare.

76. Who will escape the horrifying plagues just ahead?

A. Those who are able to flee from the centers of population.

B. Those who begin obeying God now and thereby receive the "seal" of God's Holy Spirit.

C. Those who become the allies of Fascist Europe.

D. Those who quickly become the allies of Communist Russia.

77. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE? Immediately following the great "east-west" war, those unwilling to repent

A. will be spared from suffering God's painful plagues.

B. will suffer painful sores.

C. will suffer from polluted, bloody waters and subsequent parching thirst.

D. will suffer the scorching heat of the sun as the earth careens in orbit.

78. After the earth's orbit-shaking disruption, what will rebellious, unrepentant mankind do?

A. Turn joyously to God and His rule.

B. Meekly accept Christ as their Ruler.

C. Turn in a frenzy of hatred to fight against their Creator.

D. It is not revealed in the Bible.

79. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. A gigantic worldwide earthquake is to occur in the near future.

B. Tremendous volcanic eruptions will darken the sky causing men to fear further disruptions.

C. Hailstones weighing 130 pounds will pummel the earth with utter destruction!

D. Stubborn, unrepentant mankind will finally turn to God after the great hail.

80. Does it "pay" to "give in" -- surrender -- to God and His ways quickly?

A. No, because you will have to forfeit your self-respect.

B. No, because God can't respect someone who gives up and surrenders to Him easily.

C. The swiftness with which you turn to God and His ways will determine how many of these terrible events you will be spared from -- nothing is gained by stubborn hesitation!

D. No, because the more stubborn you are, the more merciful God will be to you.

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REVIEW these questions now and then. Why? Because the review will give you the opportunity to impress the true answers more firmly upon your mind.

Also, a review of the three false answers given for each question will help you to realize more clearly some of the FALSE ideas which you may have taken for granted. You will thereby grasp and retain the TRUTH much better when it is presented to you in future lessons. -------------------------------------------------- Answers to Test 2 1-C 10-B 19-A 28-B 37-C 46-C 55-D 64-A 73-C 2-B 11-A 20-A 29-B 38-C 47-B 56-A 65-C 74-B 3-D 12-B 21-C 30-A 39-A 48-A 57-D 66-A 75-A 4-C 13-D 22-B 31-A 40-A 49-D 58-C 67-B 76-B 5-B 14-A 23-D 32-C 41-D 50-B 59-B 68-A 77-A 6-A 15-D 24-A 33-D 42-C 51-B 60-B 69-D 78-C 7-D 16-B 25-C 34-D 43-B 52-C 61-A 70-B 79-D 8-C 17-B 26-A 35-C 44-A 53-D 62-B 71-D 80-C 9-B 18-C 27-C 36-A 45-D 54-C 63-D 72-A --------------------------------------------------