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Pictured on our Test One cover is a composite of the cover photos used in the preceding four lessons. Each picture is a reminder of the marvelous Bible Truths you studied with each lesson.

Be sure to REVIEW each lesson and your own notes before YOU begin answering the test questions.

Each Correspondence Course Test is designed to teach as well as help you evaluate your progress. Now is the time to put to PRACTICAL USE the knowledge you have learned from the Bible! ------ an open letter from THE STAFF ....

YOU WOULD be shocked to know the real "Bible I.Q." of most professing Christians.

Not long ago an eye-opening report on the total ignorance about the Bible in the churches hit the headlines. It was reported in several of the world's leading newspapers. It ought to startle you!

"Some months ago," comments this report, "a Protestant pastor administered a Bible quiz to members of his congregation. The questions were very simple. Anyone with a general knowledge of the Bible SHOULD have been able to answer all of them easily!

"The results STAGGERED the pastor!" And they will stagger you!

"Only five percent of his flock made a commendable grade on the test. Fifteen percent failed to give a SINGLE correct answer. Sixty percent were unable to name the four gospels. Seventy-five percent could not identify Calvary as the place where Jesus was crucified.

"Some congregations," continued the report, "might do better than that. But not many. THE VAST MAJORITY of Americans today ARE BIBLE ILLITERATES! They simply have never read the book which they profess to regard as the 'Word of GOD.' A great many people have turned away from the Bible because, when they do try to read it, they find they CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT .... To the modern reader, it has a remote and antiquarian flavor. It is likely to leave him with the impression the Bible is an ancient history book that has no real relevance to his life here and now" (Lewis Cassels; Courier-Times, Tyler, Texas; April 16, 1961).

This shocking report is not an isolated case! Similar ones pour into our news bureaus. Most people who profess the name of Jesus Christ simply do NOT know what He said! WHY?

Listen to the answer in Jesus' own words:

"In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which says, by hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing you shall see and shall not perceive. For this people's ears are DULL OF HEARING, and THEIR EYES they have CLOSED; lest at any time they should understand with their heart, and should be converted and I should heal them" (Mat. 13:14-15).

This is NOT the time most professing "Christians" are being saved. They just don't understand the words of the Bible! Jesus Christ said so!

But to YOU who are taking THIS Course, Christ says, "BLESSED ARE YOUR EYES, FOR THEY SEE; and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which you see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which you hear, and have not heard them (Mat. 13:16-17).

The whole world has been deceived. Spiritual BLINDNESS has covered all nations! (Isa. 25:7.) God today is beginning to REMOVE this blindness through THE WORLD TOMORROW broadcast! But only a CHOSEN FEW really heed.

Think of what this means for you! MEDITATE on it for a moment.

Can you REALLY GRASP the tremendous blessing God has GIVEN YOU?

He has put within your reach knowledge the world can't understand -- the knowledge which REALLY COUNTS. The knowledge of what the FUTURE holds for the world. The vital knowledge necessary for SALVATION. And it has been made SO EASY, if you are willing to surrender and obey your Creator!

That is the reason you can understand the Bible in a way you NEVER could before.

That's the reason the world ignores the truth that the Bible deals far LESS with ancient history than it does with our modern, pulsating, twentieth century SPACE AGE!

We are very happy to say that NONE of the students enrolled in the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course REMAIN BIBLE "ILLITERATES" for long. Even many ordained ministers find -- for the FIRST TIME -- the TRUTH of the Bible!

Here is what one such minister wrote Mr. Armstrong -- AFTER ONLY FOUR LESSONS!

"I would like to express my appreciation and let you know how much I am enjoying the Bible Correspondence Course. I am expecting my first test in the next day or so. I feel like the first grade student who just learned that 'LMNOP' is not a word but five different letters of the alphabet.

"I've been a preacher of one of the larger denominations for almost two years now. All this time I really thought I was DOING GOD A FAVOR. I'm AMAZED and SICKENED to see how many of God's eternal truths become 'LMNOP' when studied through denominational eyes. May God have MERCY on those poor souls I'VE so WRONGLY INSTRUCTED."

The Bible, as taught by the world's churches, becomes NO MORE MEANINGFUL than mere individual letters of the alphabet!! If even ministers find THIS Correspondence Course so revealing, think of what it can mean to you. It can mean YOUR ETERNAL SALVATION!

Now that you have completed the first four lessons of this Bible Course, we have sent you the first TEST. It is a SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering the material you have learned. As soon as YOU RETURN the completed test card, we'll send you succeeding lessons.

Many of our students make a grade of 100%. And nearly NINE OUT OF TEN score in the nineties! So you can plainly see it will not be difficult to pass this test!

Perhaps you haven't taken an examination since your earlier school years. If so, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!! This test is NOT DIFFICULT! It's an easy, USEFUL ONE -- just a REVIEW to help you  REMEMBER and better put to USE the vitally important Bible knowledge you have learned. Your completion of this test will also reveal to Mr. Armstrong your SINCERE DESIRE TO CONTINUE RECEIVING God's precious Bible knowledge.


God has given you a precious GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! He wants you to APPRECIATE it. MAKE Bible study, the WORDS of your Bible, an actual PART of you -- a part of your daily way of living. As much a part of YOU as your right hand or your beating heart!

Your next two lessons -- 5 and 6 -- will unveil the little-understood prophecies of how God will set up His kingdom -- His government -- on this earth and bring us peace at last! They will make the Millennium -- the 1000 years -- plain! You'll learn how Christ will begin to RE-EDUCATE mankind. How the world will live by God's laws -- and the fantastic blessings of the LITERAL "UTOPIA" this earth will become during the Millennium! We know you will be looking forward to these exciting lessons. So complete your test as soon as possible and send us the answer card.

May God GUIDE and BLESS YOU in your CONTINUED study of His Word.


THIS first examination is given to help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible.

You are now reading the instructions for answering the questions.

Note that there are 79 questions and that they are numbered consecutively 1, 2, 3, etc. Note also that there are FOUR possible answers given under EACH question. These are labeled A, B, C, D. ONLY ONE OF THESE FOUR POSSIBLE ANSWERS IS THE RIGHT ONE! -- the other three are false UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.


Repeat this process for each of the questions asked. This comprises your test. (Generally speaking, the INCORRECT ANSWERS are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed about the subject.)

As you select the ONE right answer to each question, make a pencil mark in the MARGIN beside the correct answer to each question. Answer as many questions as you can without referring to the previous four lessons you have studied. If you find any difficult questions, then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect you to do so!

Once you have finished going over the questions, TRANSFER your marks from the margins of this question section onto the enclosed ANSWER CARD. You are to SEND ONLY THE ANSWER CARD in to us when filled out.

Be sure to handle your answer card carefully at all times. A SMOOTH CARD aids us in grading. It will then be RETURNED to you.

Those who do not send in answers to the tests, or those who show by a very low number of correct answers that they are not particularly interested, will obviously have to be dropped from the Course.

Notice that the questions are divided into four parts -- corresponding to the last four lessons. We advise you not to cover more than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time to understand each question.

Here are two EXAMPLES TO SHOW YOU HOW TO MARK the Answer  Card.

Read the FIRST QUESTION of this test. The right answer to select, this time, is "C." Now look at your answer card -- observe the "X" in the square TO THE RIGHT of question 1, and UNDER C. It is already correctly marked for you!

Here is the second example: Notice question 2 on this page. The correct answer is "B." Answer "B" is also marked correctly for you!

That's all there is to it! It's very simple and fast.

The procedure for marking your answer card IS ALWAYS the same. Now continue with question 3 ...

Lesson 1

1. This course of Bible study begins with the world's present condition because

A. there is no other logical way to start a Bible study course.

B. prophecy is the only important subject to study.

C. this will make the Bible more meaningful to your life, now.

D. human beings would never understand it any other way.
2. What do great scientists say will have to be done to prevent world annihilation?

A. The United Nations as such must be improved.

B. A powerful and effective world government must be set up.

C. World Communism must be destroyed.

D. The world's churches must band together.
3. What is the basic CAUSE of world wars and all human suffering?

A. The lusts of human nature.

B. Certainly not disobedience to God's laws.

C. Dictators' inability to settle disputes.

D. False political ideologies such as Communism and Fascism.
4. World suicide is possible FOR THE FIRST TIME now because

A. modern man has never had hell-bent desires before.

B. most great nations can now produce such super weapons as the HYDROGEN bomb.

C. for the first time national leaders are seeking world dominion.

D. the churches are not guiding world affairs.
5. Why are symbols used in Revelation to picture the final world-shaking events?

A. Because there was no other way to describe at the time the Bible was written -- the modern weapons God knew man would invent in our day.

B. To make it impossible for anyone to ever understand these prophecies.

C. So men could put their own human interpretations on these symbols.

D. So men could never really feel sure of exactly how these prophecies would work out.
6. Which of the following corresponds to the PATTERN of God's 7000-year plan?

A. The process of evolution.

B. The millennium.

C. The seven-day week.

D. The seven last plagues.

7. What is the "time of trouble" at the end of this age to be like?

A. It will be a terrible but local disaster to fall on the Jews only.

B. It is a time of literal, physical distress on all nations such as this world has never witnessed.

C. It will be like a great many other world calamities of the past.

D. It is really only a symbolical idea signifying the mental unrest and spiritual hunger of modern man.

8. What does God say about the ACTIONS and DECISIONS which seem right to great leaders and to the people in general?

A. They are the pathway to eternal life.

B. They end in DEATH.

C. They have little real effect on the world because God has predestined all events.

D. We are not to question what our leaders think or do, but just follow them and trust God.

9. In what respect did the actions of men at the Tower of Babel parallel conditions today?

A. Men were experimenting with hydrogen and cobalt bombs in order to preserve peace in the world.

B. All the religions of men were trying to compromise and unite.

C. Men began to fear God and really obey His commands.

D. Men were trying to make a great name for themselves and unite the world under human authority.

10. Genesis 11:6 proves that when human beings attempt to create ONE world, learn to speak one another's languages, and pool their combined wealth and scientific knowledge

A. they might fail unless they cooperate with all the churches and religious sects and act on their advice on moral principles.

B. they could ultimately achieve a utopia through a united world government.

C. nothing would be restrained from them, and they would ultimately DESTROY THEMSELVES.

D. God would bless and guide their efforts, and their movements to create good will among men would culminate in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

11. What does God reveal about man's knowledge of the way to peace?

A. Man does not know the way to peace.

B. Man is on the right track but just needs more time to find the way.

C. Peace can come only through a union of the world's churches.

D. A great human religious leader will arise and bring true peace to the world.

12. What conditions did Paul prophesy for the end of this age before Christ returns?

A. Moral conduct would be improved through the worldwide efforts of the churches, but a real revival would be needed.

B. A time of world revival and spiritual preparation for Jesus' return.

C. A time of peace and happiness through efforts of men -- an outstanding example being the United Nations.

D. Men would be traitors, trucebreakers and covetous of the wealth of other people and nations.
13. Who alone can intervene and permanently stop all war?

A. A great human religious leader who will acquire the backing of the nations and all the churches.

B. Jesus Christ, because He paid the full penalty for war -- suffering and death.

C. The United Nations, backed decisively by all its member nations.

D. The World Council of Churches and the Catholic Church working together to bring real pressure on national leaders everywhere.

Lesson 2

HERE'S GOOD NEWS ... THE MESSAGE SENT FROM HEAVEN 14. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. There are many modernists who scoff at the need for Christ to return to save the world from total destruction of human life.

B. Jesus has His witnesses declaring from house to house that He has already returned.

C. At Christ's return the world will be as in the days of Noah -- not suspecting that sudden destruction lies just ahead.

D. There are ministers who preach the false doctrine that Christ might return any minute.

15. Within less than two centuries after Christ, the wayward paganized "Christian" churches BEGAN to teach that Christ's second coming

A. was a Jewish fable and should be condemned as rank heresy.

B. must be believed if Christians are to be saved.

C. needed to be preached with more vigor to the Gentiles.

D. contained the world's only lasting hope for world peace.

16. About 1900 years ago Jesus Christ came

A. to establish a world-ruling kingdom only among the Jews in Palestine.

B. as a human philosopher.

C. as an idealist to reform the world through His churches.

D. as a messenger sent from heaven bearing a message about God's government.

17. What information did the angel reveal to Mary before the birth of Jesus?

A. That Jesus would eventually rule on David's throne and establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

B. That Mary was immaculately conceived.

C. That the churches which her Son would found would reform this world.

D. That Jesus was not a Jew.

18. The gospel which Jesus preached is the good news

A. about the "Israel Message."

B. that God is the Supreme Ruler and will soon intervene in world affairs to establish His government on earth.

C. that the churches will reform the world.

D. that Christians go to heaven if they believe that Jesus is the Saviour.

19. "Repentance" means

A. to believe in Jesus Christ.

B. to do penance.

C. to change your ways and to begin to do what God commands.

D. to follow your conscience.

20. History proves that the original inspired true Church of apostolic times believed

A. that Jesus would not return to this earth again.

B. that the Church is the Kingdom.

C. that the duty of Christians is to enforce Christianity on the world.

D. that Jesus would literally return to set up His Kingdom here on earth.

21. What will the earth be like when God's Kingdom is established?

A. The Jews will control the world.

B. The earth will become desolate for 1000 years.

C. There will be peace, prosperity and happiness.

D. The world will be the same as we see it today.

22. What does the phrase "the Kingdom is at hand" mean?

A. That the Kingdom was being set up in the hearts of men.

B. That the Kingdom would be established in Palestine during the ministry of Christ.

C. That the time is "at hand" for us to repent so that we may qualify to enter the kingdom.

D. That the Kingdom would be restored by the apostles through the Church.

23. What ONE thing does God say He will always do BEFORE He intervenes in world affairs?

A. He will reveal His plans to His servants -- the prophets -- as a witness.

B. He will send plagues on the world.

C. He will try to convert the world.

D. He will inspire revival meetings in the churches.

24. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. The gospel was sent first to the Jews after John the Baptist was imprisoned.

B. Jesus came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

C. Jesus began His ministry in Galilee.

D. The Kingdom of God is a sentimental "feeling" in men's minds.

25. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. The gospel message includes the knowledge about God's government and laws.

B. The gospel is only a message about the personage of Jesus Christ.

C. The gospel includes the message about the territory and the subjects or citizens of the Kingdom of God.

D. The gospel makes plain who is to be the Supreme Ruler over the nations.

26. The gospel of the Kingdom of God

A. was not meant to be literally understood.

B. has always been preached by the popular churches.

C. was not meant to be preached except to the Jews.

D. was preached by the apostles and ministers of Jesus during apostolic days to both Jew and Gentile.

27. According to the Bible

A. Christ will not return until after the millennium.

B. Jesus Christ will come again just before the millennium.

C. Jesus Christ came the second time as the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost -- and hence has been here ever since.

D. Jesus came secretly in 1914 at the end of the world.

28. After the Jews in Rome rejected the gospel, what message did Paul continue to preach to the Gentiles?

A. A pentecostal message about "tongues speaking" and the healing power of God.

B. Only a message about Christ as Saviour.

C. The gospel of the Kingdom of God.

D. The teaching that Christians should attend the church of their choice on Sunday to observe the Lord's Supper or Mass.

29. Jesus prophesied that in the last days of this age

A. the gospel of the Kingdom of God would be preached in all the world for a witness.

B. the nations would be able to establish peace through a world organization.

C. all the churches would unite in the "ecumenical movement" to form one body of Christians as in apostolic days.

D. Russia would be converted.

30. Jesus and all the apostles warned that before the second coming of Christ,

A. church leaders would not take an active part in polities to bring peace to the nations.

B. not enough people would be interested in revival meetings.

C. the people would not support their churches.

D. there would be an apostasy -- a falling into error -- which would deceive the many, not just the few.

31. The last trumpet which is to be blown at the return of Jesus Christ

A. will be heard only by the saints.

B. will not be heard by the world.

C. is NOT the same as the seventh trumpet mentioned in Revelation.

D. is the same as the seventh trumpet mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

32. Which ONE of these four statements is FALSE?

A. At Christ's return a tremendous noise will rend the air.

B. A secret rapture of the saints will occur before the visible return of Jesus.

C. The resurrection of the dead in Christ will occur at Christ's second coming.

D. Armies will be gathered together to resist the authority of Christ at His return.

33. Those who really understand the prophecies

A. will be caught unprepared when the "Day of the Lord" begins.

B. will know the exact day and hour of Jesus' return.

C. will know very near the time when God will intervene to punish the disobedient inhabitants of this earth.

D. will have been raptured away prior to "the Day of the Lord."

34. The prophecies foretold that Jesus Christ would return

A. after a fixed sequence of events to save the world from annihilation.

B. secretly in 1914 and would be ruling among His enemies.

C. after the British Commonwealth and the United States are fully converted and become the Kingdom of God.

D. after the antichrist has made a covenant with the Jews for 3 1/2 years.

35. Christ commanded His apostles of today

A. to spread the doctrine that Jews are mostly Communists.

B. to influence politics so that the churches could dominate the nations.

C. to support the prohibition movement.

D. to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations as a witness.

Lesson 3


36. The way to know what the nations around us will do in the times just ahead is to

A. listen to the news commentators' ideas.

B. trace Bible-named nations down through history to the present and then check what Bible prophecy says they will do.

C. heed what the leaders of the nations say they are going to do.

D. read all the pamphlets you can find on what the various religious denominations think the nations are going to do.

37. Satan is

A. temporary ruler of this earth by the permission of God.

B. of equal power with God.

C. a myth.

D. only our own carnal nature not an actual being
. ---------- SEVEN REASONS FOR STUDYING THE BIBLE The first four lessons -- covered in this Test -- graphically portray the catastrophic events soon to fall on this God-rejecting world. More than that, these vital lessons point out God's solution to man's suffering and woe. They show the WAY TO ESCAPE the imminent nuclear holocaust awaiting this space age generation -- the WAY to true happiness, prosperity and peace of mind as revealed in the Bible! ----------  PHOTO: Earthquake! Because men refuse to learn and obey God's Word, He will send intensified catastrophes to punish those who rebel. --------- PHOTO: Imminent nuclear destruction awaits every sinful nation. The Bible shows how YOU personally can ESCAPE it! ---------- PHOTO: The tyranny of human misrule! Those who now heed God's warning message will be spared. ----------- PHOTO: Even astronomy proves God exists -- that He is Supreme Creator and Ruler of the universe. --------- PHOTO: Below: God's Word also reveals how to prepare now to rule in the World Tomorrow! ---------- PHOTO: The Word of God is the foundation of all true knowledge. It reveals the PURPOSE of life -- the WAY to abundant living now, and life for all eternity! ----------- PHOTO: Not knowing the purpose of LIFE and its TRIALS, many seek to end their own lives. -------------

38. What will show that the return of Christ is very close?

A. Worldwide peace because of world observance of Bible teachings.

B. The conquering of the world by Russia.

C. The triumph of American and British arms over a belligerent world.

D. The arising of ten kings or dictators in Europe.

39. What will be the IMMEDIATE purpose of Christ's second coming?

A. To set up centers of relief for the aid of all who have been afflicted by climate and wars.

B. To rule the nations with a rod of iron.

C. To immediately establish new churches.

D. To establish a new league of nations.

40. How will Christ conquer the kings or dictators who come against Him?

A. By first taking a worldwide vote to determine the will of the people.

B. By gently persuading them that He would be a better ruler than they.

C. By smiting their armies with His angelic armies.

D. By peaceably showing the world leaders they are not following God's way, and thus obtain their willing submission to Him.

41. The "Day of the Lord" in prophecy is

A. the time God supernaturally intervenes in world affairs.

B. Sunday.

C. well understood by all churches.

D. Saturday.

42. At the blowing of the seventh or great trump

A. Christ will return to heaven.

B. modern Israel will be gathered out of the nations.

C. all fighting will immediately cease.

D. the nations AT ONCE surrender to Christ's armies.

43. What symbol does God use to show the BASIC reason which necessitates His soon-coming intervention in world affairs?

A. A priest's robe.

B. The cross.

C. A Bible.

D. The Ark of the Covenant enclosing the Ten Commandments which men have violated.

44. People will ultimately begin to think more about religious matters and the Bible because of

A. a lessening of war tension throughout the world.

B. great earthquakes.

C. increased prosperity giving them more leisure.

D. an increased teaching of the Bible in schools.

45. What natural force will slay the greatest number of this earth's evil population?

A. Lightning.

B. Another flood, as in Noah's day when people were wicked.

C. Heat from the sun.

D. Cold weather.

46. The seven last plagues or vials will punish

A. the United States only.

B. Russia only.

C. a union of nations in Europe only.

D. all the world.

47. Armageddon is

A. the place where the nations will GATHER to fight against Christ.

B. the place where the nations will fight Christ.

C. the place where Christ will establish His world rule.

D. the location where Britain and the United States will fight Russia.

48. In prophecy, the modern name for the area occupied by "Gog" and "Magog" is

A. Germany.

B. Asiatic Russia, Mongolia and China.

C. unknown.

D. Turkey.

49. The term "winepress," associated with events in the "Day of the Lord," has to do with

A. a pressing out of the juice of actual grapes.

B. a transformation of the saints to immortality.

C. a pressing out of the blood (destruction) of the evil people who come to fight against Christ.

D. a judgment of the good people of the earth.

50. After Christ makes Jerusalem the capital of the world, people will

A. go up to it and say "teach us His way."

B. go up to it and say "we want no more of Your law."

C. be prohibited from coming to it.

D. not be interested in going there.

51. Why is it obvious that the "Beast" will receive the backing of DICTATORS?

A. Because more and more countries are adopting the democratic form of government.

B. Because one country after another has been leaning more toward dictatorship.

C. Because there is a worldwide movement to do away with dictators.

D. Because Europeans are being attracted toward accepting the old bloodlines of kings for their present-day rulers.

52. We know the "beast" is to be a great military leader because

A. the word "beast" in the Bible ALWAYS stands for a man of peace.

B. the Bible says "the beast" is a great military leader of the Russians.

C. the Bible shows he is a leader over a group of war-making rulers who will fight Christ at His coming.

D. we have read this in booklets put out by different non-religious groups.

53. As a result of Christ's victory over the nations of the earth, their great military leader will

A. of his own accord repent and become a good citizen.

B. be shown the lake of fire and be told to repent.

C. repent reluctantly and be given another chance.

D. be cast into the lake of fire.

54. Great natural disturbances will

A. destroy only a FEW of the world's remaining large buildings.

B. make most of this earth desolate.

C. have no effect on world commerce.

D. cause the inhabitants of the "GREAT CITY" -- "Babylon" -- to learn AT ONCE to FEAR God and turn to Him.

55. The great world military leader will increase his power by

A. throwing his support strongly to the godless Russian atheistic groups.

B. keeping himself strictly free from religious entanglements.

C. lending support to all religious denominations, whatever they might be.

D. associating himself with a great world "religious" leader.

56. Russia will

A. be defeated by the United States with the aid of Great Britain soon, so will be in no shape to fight Christ.

B. never be defeated by Christ.

C. be the last world power to be defeated by Christ's armies.

D. within two years cease to exist as a nation because of internal revolution.

57. When Christ begins His rule after defeating all opposition, He will

A. learn who the most powerful rulers had been and court their favor.

B. invite the earth's former rulers to a peace conference.

C. establish a system whereby He may learn the wishes of the majority.

D. shackle the earth's former rulers.

58. The nation which Christ will establish as a model for the earth will be

A. the remnant of modern-day Israel.

B. the Jews only.

C. a Gentile nation.

D. Russia.

Lesson 4


59. Why do so many church denominations always have so many DIFFERENT, but supposedly biblically correct answers to ONE Bible teaching?

A. Because they do not like to be corrected by the Word of God.

B. Because the Bible was written to be understood differently by different denominations.

C. Because some denominations have the power to change the teachings of the Bible.

D. Because the Bible gives several contradictory answers to the same question.

60. Which of the following do people like best?

A. To be told the truth even though it hurts.

B. To be flattered.

C. To be criticized.

D. To admit their errors and weaknesses.

61. Which kind of book gives us the RIGHT answers to all the following questions? -- how man originated? where he is going? how to live happily and successfully? and what the future holds for us?

A. Books written by various religious denominations.

B. Books on evolution and science.

C. "Success" books written by various authors.

D. The Bible.

62. All the scriptures in the Bible were written by

A. various early religious groups.

B. historians who were not religious.

C. men inspired by God.

D. Jews who wanted to gather together the primitive traditions and myths of their people.

63. In their search to understand the meaning of the Bible, human beings have

A. twisted and wrested God's Word.

B. always drunk the true meaning out of the Scriptures.

C. accepted gladly all its doctrines.

D. never been cut by God's Word -- the Bible -- because it is soothing and agreeable to them.

64. People can learn to REALLY understand the Bible if they

A. accept what the religious leaders of today's world say.

B. study all the various kinds of religious literature they can find.

C. attend their different churches regularly.

D. turn from their way when they see the Bible says their way is wrong.

65. Which ONE of these four statements is TRUE?

A. God's spiritual knowledge contained in the Bible cannot be understood through any of man's five senses but must be divinely revealed.

B. The Bible is well understood by most people.

C. If you just SAY YOU are going to repent, that is all that is necessary -- then God will supernaturally open your eyes so you can understand the Bible!

D. All you need to do in order to really understand the Bible is to study hard.

66. Can one continue doing as he has in the past if he wishes to understand the Bible, or must he

A. begin to attend various meetings of religious denominations in order to gain a better grasp of "what they think is right"?

B. start to set a better attendance record at the church he has always attended in the past?

C. begin to contribute more liberally to the church into which he was born?

D. begin to live by the principles which he has proved are revealed in the Bible.

67. Who has actually been responsible for the increased CORRECT knowledge of the Bible?

A. God, who ordained that it would occur in these "latter days."

B. Better worldly Bible scholars.

C. The public, whose interest in the Bible has been increasing.

D. Organized denominational Bible study groups.

68. It has been possible to really understand the Bible

A. ever since the development of the printing press.

B. only in these last days of this age just before Christ's return.

C. ever since missionaries have gone to far countries.

D. since various churches have been working more closely together and often exchanging ministers on Sundays.

69. HOW should you study?

A. Do it lazily at the end of a hard day's work.

B. Take it easy, knowing Christ might not come tomorrow.

C. Let several days go by without studying, then try to do it all in one day.

D. With zeal.

70. Can a student understand the Bible by his OWN effort, or should he

A. become discouraged and quit -- instead of waiting for forthcoming lessons which would likely clear up the matter?

B. go to his former minister and ask him to explain the passage which is not grasped immediately?

C. ask God in prayer that He would divinely help him to understand the truth as he reads it?

D. obtain denominational religious material and try to work  out the passage with the aid of it?

71. Why should you set a definite time apart each day for the study of your Bible?

A. So you can show yourself approved unto your neighbor.

B. So you will be rewarded according to your spiritual advancement at Christ's coming.

C. So you can try to argue your former fellow churchmen out of their beliefs.

D. So that you can go from "house to house" to spread your newly found knowledge.

72. Which ONE of these four statements about the Bible is correct?

A. It reveals the definite close-knit, logical over-all plan of God for this earth and for its inhabitants.

B. It reveals itself as a book which has many good ideas but does not point out any great purpose for man's existence.

C. It is a book which is written with great literary style but is valuable for nothing else.

D. It has an Old Testament and a New Testament -- neither being related to the other.

73. How should one spend the time which he has set aside for religious purposes?

A. Use ALL for "philosophizing" on what the Bible says, and not look in the Bible to see what it ACTUALLY says.

B. Use ALL for study.

C. Set aside a definite amount of time for EACH of three things -- prayer, study, meditation.

D. Use ALL of it for prayer. 74. In reading the Bible, you should

A. study closely the reference that has been given, paying no attention AT ANY TIME to the surrounding verses.

B. notice briefly the contents of the verses around the ones you are to study.

C. read the entire book in which your reference verse is located.

D. read what some outside "authority" has to say on the section.

75. The EASIEST way to keep from forgetting the knowledge you have learned is to

A. read the Bible material at infrequent intervals.

B. frequently skim over the main points of it rapidly in a review and associate it with similar recent knowledge you have learned.

C. review material at infrequent intervals by reading it out loud.

D. try to recall as much of it as you can thirty days after you heard it.

76. Important Bible principles will not be grasped fully unless you

A. make them agree with the doctrines of your former denomination as they were taught to you as you grew up.

B. wait for several days after you have read new material before thinking on it again.

C. study only small isolated sections of the Bible and think  of each one separately as having no connection with any other part of the Bible.

D. make it a point to review mentally the latest Bible material you have learned and connect it with previously learned material of like nature as soon as possible.

77. Important passages may be most EASILY fixed in mind if they are

A. underlined so they can be easily reviewed.

B. always written down twenty times in succession.

C. repeated word for word ten times.

D. not thought of in relation to other passages which deal with similar material.

78. Which book, besides the Bible, will be of the MOST value to you in your study of the Bible?

A. A Bible commentary.

B. A Bible dictionary.

C. A concordance of the Bible.

D. A Bible atlas (for maps).

79. In what way will a Bible concordance aid you in understanding the Bible?

A. It will bring related material together and also enable you to find the Bible's own explanation of its symbols.

B. It will give complete descriptions of cities and countries.

C. It will give a history of the different nations you find mentioned in the Bible.

D. It will give you detailed explanations of Bible verses. Now That You've Finished ...

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REVIEW these questions now and then. Why? Because the review will give you the opportunity to impress the true answers more firmly upon your mind.

Also, a review of the three false answers given for each question will help you to realize more clearly some of the FALSE ideas which you may have taken for granted. You will thereby grasp and retain THE TRUTH much better when it is presented to you in future lessons. ---------------- RELATED STUDY HELPS

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