Bible Correspondence Course Lesson 5

1954, 1965 Edition

Why Christ Will Return as "KING of Kings"

About Our Cover ...

Shown on our cover in all its dazzling, bejeweled splendor, is St. Edwards "Crown of England." It has been the coronation crown of most of the Monarchs of Great Britain.

History and prophecy prove that King David's throne has existed on earth until this very day! Thousands are learning for the first time where it is! It is from David's throne that Jesus Christ will rule the world in the Millennium, after having been coronated "KING of kings."

An open letter from THE EDITOR

I AM REMINDED of a conversation I had some years ago with a very devout "Christian."

This woman followed one of the respected but sentimental fundamentalist Protestant denominations. Something had been mentioned about understanding a certain passage in the Bible.

"Why," she exclaimed in astonishment, "you surely don't try to UNDERSTAND the Bible, do you?"

"Of course!" I replied, equally astonished at HER question. "Don't you?"

"O my, no," she said emphatically. "I would never be able to understand the Bible. Our CHURCH interprets it for us."

"Well don't you ever read the Bible?" I asked.

"Of course! I read it every day. I have read it clear through two or three times."

I was a little bewildered. "But if you don't even try to understand it -- if you get no meaning out of it -- if you do not follow its instructions and obey its teachings, then WHY do you read it?"

"Oh," came the astonishing answer, "I read it for INSPIRATION."

Few people seem to know that the Bible is actually the Maker's INSTRUCTION BOOK to the mankind He designed, created, and made. It's the Guide-Book instructing us HOW TO LIVE -- how to USE this most wonderful mechanism ever produced, to secure the intended RESULTS of happiness, joy, peace, security, freedom from fears and worries, good vibrant energetic health, perfection of righteous spiritual CHARACTER, and finally, ETERNAL LIFE in the Kingdom of GOD!

Yet almost no one uses this very Word of God for its intended purpose.

What do they do? Most people, ignoring or disregarding the Maker's instruction Book, follow like blind and dumb sheep going to the slaughter the WRONG ways and customs of other people. They absorb and gullibly accept without question the FALSE beliefs of OTHER PEOPLE, all of whom are going by their various roads to the SAME DESTINATION -- the final HUMAN slaughter -- the LAKE OF FIRE!

God says, "REMEMBER," and people promptly forget. Jesus Christ said, "THINK NOT that I am come to destroy the Law." So professing Christians think He DID destroy it.

One radio listener wrote that she was shocked on hearing THE WORLD TOMORROW program. It was the first time she ever heard that Jesus Christ came with a Message!

Incredible though it be, here is the world's biggest selling Book, and yet almost nobody knows that the Bible is THE MAKER'S INSTRUCTION BOOK -- that its purpose is to instruct us in the KNOWLEDGE of what we are, the PURPOSE of human life, HOW to live -- HOW to live happily and abundantly and inherit the very GLORY of Almighty God for eternity.

This world has LOST ITS WAY!

It will never have world peace -- it will never be rid of the scourges of sickness and disease, insanity, frustrations, discontent, insecurity, fears and worries, and all the troubles it suffers until it begins to follow the directions in God's INSTRUCTION BOOK. And the world will never do that, until God uses FORCE, to COMPEL people and nations to follow God's right ways.

Thank God, His KINGDOM is now soon to come! Jesus Christ is soon to return to earth in supreme POWER and GLORY, to put down all rebellion, to RULE all nations with divine power and force, to institute a totally new and different system of education already being started in God's Ambassador Colleges!

Right now God is giving this world, on all inhabited continents, His final warning! Right now, through THE WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, THE PLAIN TRUTH magazine, the AMBASSADOR COLLEGE BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE, and other means, He is showing the contemptuous, cynical world what is to come -- and calling a precious FEW of all who hear and read His Message to true salvation, and preparation to be priests and kings WITH Christ in His Kingdom.

Perhaps YOU might be one of those thus called!


EVERY king is CROWNED in a coronation ceremony. Jesus is no exception! He, too, will be crowned as Supreme Ruler -- as "KING of kings." And He will rule over this whole world for 1000 years!

Yet almost no one understands HOW or WHY!

Christ Born to be King

Consider, for a moment, what the angelic messenger said to Mary, the mother of Jesus: "Thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a Son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great ... and THE LORD GOD shall give unto Him the THRONE OF HIS FATHER DAVID: and he shall REIGN over the house of Jacob forever; and of His KINGDOM there shall be no end" (Luke 1:31-33).

Jesus was BORN TO RULE. He was born to REIGN over the nations of earth. Remember what He said to Pontius Pilate? "Pilate therefore said unto Him, 'Art thou a KING then?' Jesus answered, 'Thou sayest that I am a KING. TO THIS END WAS I BORN, and for this CAUSE came I into the world ...'" (John 18:37).

Not Yet Crowned

We learned in Lesson 3 that Jesus QUALIFIED to become ruler of this earth by conquering Satan. But Jesus Christ did NOT, at His FIRST coming over 19 centuries ago, replace Satan. He was NOT crowned King. Instead, He was crucified!

Jesus was born to be a king, though He did NOT then assume the responsibility of that office (John 18:36). But He is COMING AGAIN -- this time as "KING OF KINGS" to bring the world PEACE and PROSPERITY!

Yet almost no one has understood when, WHERE, and by WHOM Jesus Christ will be crowned!

Does any MAN have the AUTHORITY to grant Jesus the right to rule the world? Will He go to the PEOPLE and have them elect Him to office? Will He be accountable to the people -- or will they be accountable to Him? Will any MAN be able to impeach Him? WHO really has the ONLY authority to put Jesus Christ into office?

What tremendous event occurs after Jesus is crowned? Will there be a march of triumph climaxing His victory over the nations which opposed His return to establish the Kingdom of God?

PHOTO: Men crown the kings and queens of this world. But Jesus Christ will be crowned King of the earth by the One who possesses all power and authority -- the Creator God, the Father Almighty!

Since Jesus will become "King of kings," who will be the "kings" ruling under Him? And when will they be given their power and responsibility?

But notice now WHY Jesus Christ must come to RULE this world as "King of kings."

To Establish God's World Government

People today believe this is not such a bad world. They have not seen too much wrong with this world's governments. But GOD KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING what is WRONG with them!

He knew that as the inhabitants of the earth drew CLOSER to each other by rapid means of communications and transportation, MIGHTY MEN, through their forms of government, would make SLAVES of the weak. God knew that the nations WOULD NOT and COULD NOT live with each other peaceably!

Look about you today. Notice how just a FEW men in Russia are enslaving VAST AREAS of this earth under the CURSE of atheistic Communism!

Dictatorial despotism began to rear its ugly head shortly after the flood. One man -- Nimrod, the post-flood world's first dictatorial despot -- was then bringing all the known earth UNDER HIS SUBJECTION (Gen. 10:8-10; 11:4-6). It was to AVOID the SPREAD of human misrule that at the tower of Babel, when the people were living CLOSE TOGETHER, God SCATTERED them by giving them different languages (Gen. 11:7-9).

But WHERE is there a place to scatter mankind today when everyone can MOVE RAPIDLY across the face of the earth?

What DIFFERENT means will Christ use to prevent human dictators from enslaving the world?


It must be a government which has the WISDOM to plan for the good of all. And it must have the POWER TO ENFORCE its wise plan on all those who do not choose to abide by it!

God, the Father, will supply HIS WISDOM in administering the NEW FORM of government. And Christ is coming with POWER to enforce it! "The Kingdom of God [WILL] COME with POWER" (Mark 9:1).

People will at first be induced by FORCE, and then RE-EDUCATED to live by a BETTER CODE OF LAWS than they live by today. A code which will bring peace, HAPPINESS, and ETERNAL LIFE!

This code of laws has ALWAYS been here, but the world has NEVER LIVED BY IT! For this purpose Christ will set up GOD'S form of government. Christ's government will administer these laws and rule the earth with righteousness and true justice for all.

That's why He is to be made King of the earth. He will have COMPLETE personal charge of guiding all people to repentance and reeducating them in GOD'S way.

What Will It Be Like?

Just what changes will really GOOD GOVERNMENT bring to the world which we know today? Will unprincipled, scheming POLITICIANS hold power over the earth's nations? Will there be great political machines to back them as they run for office? Will WARS be fought then, as now, because some power-mad dictator wishes to enlarge the scope of his rule?

And what about the Jews -- those people who have wandered over the face of the earth for hundreds of years? Will they ever SETTLE DOWN? Will people have to LABOR as hard then as they do now for what they receive? WILL people be HAPPY in the World Tomorrow?

On the earth today, there are hundreds of CONFUSING religious denominations. Will there be as many in THAT day? These and MANY other questions come to mind as we learn that a new world order is soon to be established.

Let's begin to learn, FROM THE BIBLE, exactly how God's world government will function in the Millennium.

Final Instructions

We are about ready for the actual lesson. But first, read these instructions.

This lesson is intended to direct you to the BIBLE -- to help you STUDY the Bible. Here is the method of study.

Is your Bible in front of you? If not, get your Bible -- or Bibles, if you have more than one translation -- BEFORE YOU DO ANOTHER THING! Have a good dictionary, a concordance if you own one, and your note paper all placed in front of you on a desk or table.

Remember -- you must OPEN your Bible to EVERY PASSAGE. Never say to yourself, "Oh, I think I know what this verse is referring to" -- and then pass over it. You need to "KEEP YOUR NOSE IN THE BIBLE," so to speak! You must read and reread and THINK OUT each passage.

MEDITATE on this new knowledge in your leisure time during the following twenty-four hours, and in your time of prayer -- BEFORE YOU FORGET IT! Do all you can to make God's Word a PART OF YOU. Don't forget, this is a Bible STUDY Course -- not just a study of these words we send to you.

Here is the method of making effective notes: Write down neatly on your paper the lesson NUMBER. Next write down the TITLE of the lesson and underscore it. As you come to each question section, write down its HEADING. Then underneath, NUMBER EACH QUESTION and WRITE DOWN THE BIBLE ANSWER to each, together with any pertinent ideas that come to your mind.

Be sure to WRITE OUT the scripture which answers each question. This will help you greatly in REVIEWING and REMEMBERING what you have learned.

This lesson, like all others, is extremely important to you. Have you PRAYED to God for understanding?

If not, go to a private place, kneel down, and ask God for SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING and wisdom. Ask Him to HELP you grasp and apply in your own life the knowledge this lesson will reveal to you in the Bible.

And now for the lesson itself!


The Coronation of Jesus Christ

First, let's understand WHEN, WHERE and by WHOM Jesus Christ will be crowned BEFORE He assumes rulership of the world.

1. When THE PEOPLE wanted to make Jesus their King over 19 centuries ago, He gave them a parable to explain WHEN the Kingdom of God would rule the world. We studied this parable in Lesson 2.

According to this parable, found in Luke 19:12-27, WHERE did Jesus go to obtain the office of King and to receive the Kingdom? Verse 12. Did He go to the PEOPLE to have them induct Him into office? Did He go to Caesar at Rome? Will He go to the United Nations to have them crown Him as King?

2. Does any MAN have the AUTHORITY to grant Jesus the right to become "King of kings"? WHO has the only authority to put Jesus Christ into office? Romans 13:1. Doesn't this show that Jesus had to ASCEND to the Almighty heavenly Father, as shown in the parable of Luke 19, in order to RECEIVE the authority to RULE the nations? Does God have ALL authority? Same verse. Could anyone therefore have GREATER authority than GOD ALMIGHTY? With whom is God the Father willing to SHARE ALL OF HIS VAST AUTHORITY? Mat. 28:18.

3. In granting Jesus authority, does God thereby demonstrate that He Himself rules supreme above the nations, even though He PERMITS men to sit in offices of limited political authority over states and nations? Daniel 4:34-35 and 2:20-21.

4. Inspired by the devil, did MEN try to CROWN Jesus as King in a MOCK ceremony? John 19:2-5. During His earthly ministry, was Jesus ever crowned by God as King over the nations? John 18:36.

PHOTO: Jesus Christ will not have to go to the U.N. to be crowned King of the nations, or seek their approval to establish His world government.

5. After Jesus ascended to heaven and had been there for approximately sixty years, He revealed Himself in the Book of Revelation to the apostle John. In Revelation, did Jesus describe Himself as having a CROWN on His head? Rev.1:12-18. Then Jesus was NOT crowned immediately upon His arrival in heaven -- was He?

COMMENT: In Hebrews 2:9 we find the statement that Jesus is "crowned with glory and honor." This verse does NOT refer to the actual coronation ceremony or to the actual crown with which Jesus will be acclaimed as King of the world.

This verse is FIGURATIVE. It COMPARES the present spiritual glory and honor of Jesus to a crown. But according to the actual picture of Jesus Christ, there was NO CROWN upon His head when the Book of Revelation was revealed. At the present time Jesus' office is that of HIGH PRIEST (Heb. 3:1), NOT that of "KING of kings" ruling over the nations.

6. When Jesus returns, will He STILL be without a crown? Rev. 14:14. By comparing this verse with Rev. 1:12-18, don't we have proof that Jesus is CROWNED IN HEAVEN BEFORE HE RETURNS?

7. Jesus mentioned in His parable recorded in Luke 19, that He would go to heaven to receive the Kingdom. Where, in Scripture, do we find that Jesus is GIVEN the Kingdom and HENCE CROWNED? Daniel 7:13-14. HERE THE CORONATION OF JESUS CHRIST IS DESCRIBED!

COMMENT: The "Ancient of Days" described in Daniel is the heavenly Father. The title "Father" was not used because the heavenly Father had not yet begotten the human Jesus.

Notice also that "One LIKE the Son" appeared before the "Ancient of Days" to RECEIVE the Kingdom. The LOGOS or "Word" (John 1:1) was LIKE the Son of man. He was not yet born as a Son, but since He would become a Son of man through Mary, He was, in Daniel's day, "LIKE the Son of man" -- the Jesus who would be born of the Virgin Mary!

8. WHEN will Jesus be crowned as "King of kings"? Read the seventh chapter of Daniel, especially verses 9-14, and compare them with Revelation 11:14-18. You will find the answer in these verses.

9. Does the One like the Son of man -- Jesus -- receive the Kingdom when the JUDGMENT begins? Notice again in Daniel 7 the phrases "JUDGMENT was set" (verse 10), and "there was GIVEN Him dominion" (verse 14). According to Revelation, does Jesus receive the kingdoms of this world at the time of the Judgment? Rev. 11:15, 18.

10. Does the CORONATION CEREMONY occur IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the time when the RIGHTEOUS dead shall be resurrected and judged? Rev. 11:15, 18. Is this the time of the sounding of the seventh trumpet? Rev. 11:15. According to Paul, do the RIGHTEOUS dead rise at the sounding of the seventh or LAST trumpet? I Cor. 15:52 and I Thes. 4:16.

How plain that the CORONATION of Jesus Christ occurs IMMEDIATELY BEFORE HE RETURNS the second time to rule the nations! In fact, JESUS RETURNS TO FULFILL HIS OFFICE AS "KING OF KINGS." Once given that office, He must -- and WILL -- carry it out!

Crowned "KING of Kings"

1. How many GREAT crowns will Jesus have -- only ONE? Rev. 14:14. But what about the "many crowns" mentioned in Rev. 19:12?

COMMENT: Jesus will have only one GREAT golden crown. That crown will designate Him as SUPREME KING over all nations.

The proper translation of Rev. 19:12 is: "And on his head are many DIADEMS." A diadem is a SMALL crown or headband signifying royal office. The smaller crowns or diadems symbolize the LESSER royal offices that Jesus will hold.

2. Why will Jesus be called "King of kings"? Who are these OTHER LESSER "kings"? Daniel 7:18, 27 and Rev. 5:10. Whom will Jesus associate with Himself on His throne? Rev. 3:21. Will those who rule with Christ have to QUALIFY for their offices, as Jesus qualified for His high office? Rev. 2:26. Do we have to overcome ourselves -- to exercise self-control, temperance? I Cor. 9:25-27.

3. Are we also to receive crowns -- symbols of authority -- if we OVERCOME? I Cor. 9:25. Are the crowns of the saints perishable or corruptible -- or are they EVERLASTING crowns? Same verse. Since they are everlasting, wouldn't we have to be IMMORTAL in order to possess them for all eternity?

4. What does God expect of us here and now? Titus 2:12-13.

5. Are we warned not to let anyone DISQUALIFY us from receiving CROWNS of rulership? Rev. 3:11. Are crowns of "life" -- betokening our EVERLASTING kingly offices under Christ -- to be given to us? Rev. 2:10 and James 1:12.

6. Has Jesus been given authority over us, to REWARD US? Mat. 28:18 and Luke 19:15. Jesus COMMANDS us -- His servants -- to appear before Him for our REWARDS!

7. WHEN DO WE RECEIVE OUR REWARD -- our crowns and offices of rulership? II Timothy 4:8. Is this AT THE SECOND COMING of Jesus Christ? I Peter 5:4.

8. Whereas Jesus went to heaven to be crowned there by the Father, do we find that Jesus returns to the EARTH to BRING our reward to us and to crown us? Compare Rev. 11:18 with Isaiah 40:10 and 62:11. Isn't it plain that Jesus COMES TO US TO GIVE US OUR REWARD?

Since Jesus will bring our reward WITH HIM when He COMES, and since He will place us in authority under Himself, would there be any reason for us to go to the Father in HEAVEN to be crowned?

9. How will the TRIUMPHANT PARADE of Jesus and His saints to Jerusalem be welcomed? Zechariah 9:9. Will it be a MARCH of TRIUMPH AND VICTORY? Same verse. Will this victory parade CULMINATE CHRIST'S VICTORY over the enemies of His people? Zech. 9: 11-17.

COMMENT: Zech. 9:9 has a DUAL fulfillment. IT WAS ONCE FULFILLED ONLY AS A TYPE DURING JESUS' FIRST COMING. Read Matthew 21:5. But Jesus was NOT THEN "KING OF KINGS"! Jesus had NOT then gained victory over the nations. He did NOT then speak peace to all the nations.

PHOTO: Christ's future march of triumph to Jerusalem will pale into insignificance today's parades honoring this world's great.

But in the final fulfillment, yet in the future, Jesus WILL BE KING and the people will joyously accept Him! (The first time they immediately CRUCIFIED Him!)

10. What will the earth be like when Jesus is acknowledged as "King of kings"? Will the ways of PEACE be proclaimed by Jesus to the nations? Zech. 9:10. How FAR will Christ's dominion extend at that time? Same verse.

Christ to Rule Under Father

1. Who will be GREATER in authority than Christ in the new ONE WORLD -- the World Tomorrow? When Christ was on earth, what did He say? John 5:19. Was He able to do ANYTHING without the FATHER'S aid? Who sent Him? Verse 36. Whose message did He bring? John 7:16; 8:28.

2. Where is the FATHER'S throne located? Mat. 5:34 3. How does God compare Himself with the despotic leaders of today's nations? Read Isa. 40:15-31. Is there any RULER BESIDES Him? Or is He the SUPREME God? Isa. 44:6; 45:21.

4. Is the Father interested in WHO rules over the NATIONS OF EARTH? Dan. 2:21; 4:17, 25, 32. When God wishes to EMPHASIZE something, He REPEATS it. Notice also Dan. 5:21;7:18.

5. Is it the Father who will give Christ authority to judge when He comes to rule? John 5:22, 27. Did the Father say it is HE who will give Christ RULERSHIP over the heathen in it? Psa. 2:7-9.

6. Did the apostle Paul confirm this? Read Hebrews, chapters 1 and 2. Note especially Heb. 1:2. Did Isaiah also verify it? Isa. 53:12. Did Christ EARN this right to rule? Read all of Isaiah chapter 53.

COMMENT: The Bible clearly reveals that the Father on His THRONE IN HEAVEN will be in SUPREME COMMAND of the government Christ will establish on earth.

7. Will Christ also have a THRONE? Mat. 19:28; 25:31. Will it be located at Jerusalem? Jer. 3:17.

8. Whose throne was this in former times? Luke 1:32.

COMMENT: Note that David's throne was located in Jerusalem. This is a historical fact! Although it is not located there at this time, IT WILL BE TRANSFERRED THERE at the time Christ establishes His rule. (Send at once for Mr. Armstrong's free booklet, "The United States and the British Commonwealth in Prophecy", which explains this fully.)

9. Did God promise David his throne would continue after he was dead? Psa. 89:3-4.

10. Will Christ RULE the earth? Zech. 14:9. Is there to be only ONE King ON THE EARTH who will be Ruler of ALL the earth? (Recall that the Father's throne is in HEAVEN, and Christ's throne will be on EARTH.)

11. Will Christ rebuke the nations GENTLY if they do wrong, or will He punish them so they will REMEMBER their transgressions? Rev. 19:14-19 and Jer. 23:5.

12. Does Psalm 72:11 show that Christ will finally obtain COMPLETE mastery over the earth? What will the people figuratively do? Verse 9, last half.

David to Rule Under Christ

1. UNDER Christ, who will be in DIRECT CONTROL of the model city and nation that will be set up as a PATTERN FOR THE WORLD? Will it be RESURRECTED King David? Jer. 30:9. What did Jeremiah mean by "raise up"? Compare with I Cor. 6:14.

COMMENT: Note that David will rule over the DESCENDANTS of "Jacob" (Jer. 30:7-9). Jacob's descendants -- both Israel and Judah -- will have returned to Palestine (verse 3).

2. Will David be recognized as a PRINCE? Ezek. 34:23-24. 3. Will Christ be DIRECTLY OVER David? Isa. 9:7. Notice especially Moffatt's translation: "Great is His {Christ's} authority, endless is His peace, OVER DAVID'S THRONE and his dominion, to base it firm and stable."

4. Will Christ place a strong and respected ruler over His nation Israel which will be praised by all the earth? How can we know? We can examine David's PAST RECORD.

Did he FEARLESSLY SLAY Goliath even as a youth? I Sam. 17:42, 49. Did the FEAR OF HIM fall upon ALL NATIONS? I Chron. 14:17. What was his former position? II Sam. 8:15.

5. Will the RESURRECTED twelve apostles be placed OVER THE TWELVE TRIBES that constitute the nation of ISRAEL? Mat. 19:28. Will EACH apostle have a throne? Luke 22:29-30.

COMMENT: The WORLD HEADQUARTERS of God's government will be established in God's model city -- Jerusalem, Palestine. And to it the REPRESENTATIVES of the world's nations will journey to learn more of God's NEW way of living.

PHOTO: Jerusalem, Palestine, will become the Capital City of the earth -- the world headquarters of Christ's government during the Millennium! At right, Coronation Chair of kings and queens of England is symbolic of the Throne of David from which Jesus Christ will rule the earth.

Resurrected Saints Rule With Christ

1. What duties will the saints, who will be raised IMMORTAL at Christ's second coming, have after they aid Him in subduing the armies of the nations? Will they REIGN with Christ? Rev. 20:4. Sit on Christ's throne? Rev. 3:21.

2. Will the saints have the WHOLE EARTH TO RULE? Dan. 7:27. 3. Will some be KINGS and have power over NATIONS? Rev. 2:26; 5:10.

4. How will the CITIES of the world be governed? Notice Jesus' answer in the parable recorded in Luke the 19th (Luke 19) chapter. What did He say would be the REWARD of those who manage WISELY the abilities God has given them NOW? Verses 16-19. Will the deserving be given RULE over these cities at Christ's return? Verse 12.

5. Will the resurrected saints be PRIESTS? Rev. 5:10; 20:6. Will they also be JUDGES? Rev. 20:4.

COMMENT: ALL saints will be priests and will, IN ADDITION, have other offices, such as RULERSHIP and JUDGESHIP.

PHOTO: Above, U.S. Supreme Court judges. In the Millennium, Jesus Christ and the saints will judge the world -- Rev. 20.

6. Does Jude speak of this time? Jude 14,15.

7. Will the resurrected saints be able to appear in a MATERIAL body when necessary? Isa. 30:20-21. What will they do? Verse 21.

COMMENT: This has been done before. For Christ, who has existed in the SPIRIT form since His resurrection, appeared in a MATERIAL form afterward in order to become VISIBLE to His disciples (John 20:17, 19, 25-27).

8. What will be some of the methods of PUNISHING those who disobey God's commandments? Zech. 14:17-19.

9. What will be done with those who become PERMANENTLY DISOBEDIENT to God? II Thes. 1:8-9.

PHOTO: Rulership over cities in the World Tomorrow will be given to those who have qualified in this life.

10. And again, what will be Christ's GENERAL POLICY for governing the unruly? Rev. 12:5.

Perfect Government Will Reign

When God REALLY sets His hand to save mankind, it will be done under the very STRONGEST POSSIBLE KIND of government. For man, influenced by his own carnal mind, must be held under RIGID RULE until he becomes conscious of a BETTER way of living. And so the great CENTRAL GOVERNMENT of the earth in the Millennium will be composed of POWERFUL, DIVINE SPIRIT BEINGS!

God the Father, the Supreme Ruler of the universe, HAVING ALL POWER AND WISDOM, will be at the head of this government. Never again will people have to depend on HUMAN BEINGS, with all their frailties, to guide them. They will have PERFECT GOVERNMENT by PERFECT RULERS! THE WORLD WILL BE RULED WITH ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

Christ, the very Spirit-born Son of God, will be in DIRECT CONTROL of the earth. Having once been human, He knows man's frailties perfectly (Heb. 2:9-10; 4:15). He knows what can be expected of the WEAK, mortal humans He will rule with a "ROD OF IRON" (Rev. 19:15). Therefore, He will rule with PERFECT JUSTICE AND MERCY!

David, who in God's sight ruled as wisely as was HUMANLY possible, will be ruler over God's model city and nation -- Jerusalem and Palestine respectively. His past military experience will be helpful in preventing any insurrection.

Each of Christ's twelve apostles will have a throne of his own -- each ruling over ONE of the twelve tribes of Israel which will inhabit Palestine. With their former training under Christ, and under His guidance in the future, they will make Palestine the WORLD'S CENTER of religious knowledge, for "ALL NATIONS shall flow unto it" (Isaiah 2:2).

The saints -- those being CALLED and TRAINED at this time -- are NOW receiving their instruction in the work they will do then as kings, rulers, priests and judges.

In those days, "The earth shall be FULL of the KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD, as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9). SIN of any kind will NOT BE TOLERATED! ALL nations will live by God's SPIRITUAL law -- the TEN COMMANDMENTS!

But will humanity have to constantly live under the threat of FORCE from God?

God is not a harsh, stem, cruel monster -- as this world's churches have FALSELY represented Him! Rather, He wants active and WILLING COOPERATION from man at all times because He knows this is the ONLY WAY MAN CAN REALLY BE HAPPY!

Government is far more effective with a CO-OPERATIVE citizenry. How then will God begin to instill VOLUNTARY cooperation in place of FORCED submission? There is only ONE WAY to achieve it. That is through RE-EDUCATION -- by UNLEARNING this world's unhappy way of life and LEARNING God's supremely happy and prosperous way of living!

Now let's learn about God's program of REEDUCATION in the Millennium.


God, the Creator of heaven and earth, set in motion various IMMUTABLE LAWS which inexorably govern His material creation. The stars, the moon and the sun are all governed by His laws. They travel in the paths or WAYS which have been ordained for them by God's physical laws.

Man was created by the same God. God also ordained paths in which man should go -- WAYS which would bring him great peace and happiness. But, unlike the sun and the moon, there are OTHER paths or ways which are open to MAN. God has made MAN a creature who can CHOOSE the WAY of life he will follow!

Basis of Modern Education

Down through the ages man has exercised this CHOICE. He has chosen the ways which SEEMED right to him (see Prov. 14:12). Man has also ESTABLISHED HIS OWN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS for TEACHING and perpetuating these ways, whether right or wrong, to succeeding generations.

Man is the highest mortal being God created. His MIND elevates him far above dumb animals. God intended that our minds be developed, trained and USED to HIS honor and glory! But what has man DONE with his mind?

Today we live in a confused, misguided, deceived, chaotic world. This world is not happy. It is filled with strife, fear, ignorance, deception, injustice, crime, suffering, anguish, woe and DEATH!



Modern education is almost wholly materialistic. It REJECTS the basic revelation of God. Even reading the Bible in U.S. public school classrooms is now FORBIDDEN! Instead of teaching the BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE -- what life IS, WHY we are here, WHERE we are going, and HOW to live successfully, usefully, happily, joyfully -- ONLY MATERIAL KNOWLEDGE is taught!

Yes, something is RADICALLY WRONG with this world's education, as well as with its religions, its politics, its economics and its society! And WRONG EDUCATION is a basic cause of ALL the world's ills today!

Basis of TRUE Knowledge

To our first parents, Adam and Eve, God revealed certain definite facts, principles and laws. But this knowledge they REJECTED!

Immediately they broke four of the Ten Commandments in the "original" sin. They DEPARTED from God's REVEALED WAY OF LIFE. Down through the centuries man has continued to reject God's revealed KNOWLEDGE!

Jesus said, "Ye shall KNOW the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE" (John 8:32). Notice: "Ye shall KNOW." Knowing is KNOWLEDGE -- EDUCATION! Ignorance and a false education in error have ENSLAVED the human race in wretched poverty, fear, inequality, discontent, unhappiness, sickness, suffering and DEATH!

PHOTO: Ambassador Colleges, worldwide, base academic teachings on God's Word -- the Bible! Inscription appears over entrance of south wing, Ambassador Hall classroom building, Pasadena, California.

And what is TRUTH? "THY WORD," Jesus said, "is TRUTH" (John 17:17). The BIBLE is God's INSPIRED Word! IT reveals the WAY TO WORLD PEACE. It leads man out of sickness into HEALTH; out of suffering and death into LIFE! It reveals the LAWS OF LIFE which alone can lead to peace, prosperity, happiness, joy and finally ETERNAL LIFE!

PHOTO: Ignorance of God's way and false education have reduced much of the world's population to abject poverty.

But this precious fund of KNOWLEDGE the wise of this world REJECT! God's laws and ways they flout and disobey! Instead, the learned of this world have become SO STEEPED in the fables of a God-rejecting materialism masquerading falsely under the attractive names of "rationalism," "modern science," "higher education," etc., that it has become IMPOSSIBLE to UNlearn these deceptions and come to a knowledge of the TRUTH!

What does GOD say of the WISDOM of this world? "The wisdom of this world is FOOLISHNESS WITH GOD!" (I Cor. 3:19.)

We have been born into a world steeped with traditional ideas -- and we usually accept them WITHOUT QUESTION. We seldom, if ever, investigate to see where they came from and if they are true. Almost everyone takes FOR GRANTED what is spoken or written! "The MAJORITY CAN'T BE WRONG!" -- so it is mistakenly thought.

PHOTO: The Library of Columbia University. Like all great libraries it is a treasure house of material knowledge, coupled with philosophical speculation and theological ignorance. Only when man recognizes God is the source of Truth will he be able to rightly use physical knowledge.

Our educational system HAS NOT DARED to examine the FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS UNDERLYING HUMAN SOCIETY -- the false traditions that have led us into political and religious strife, worldwide confusion, impending chaos and DEATH. God says, "MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF [TRUE] KNOWLEDGE! (Hosea 4:6.)

What this world needs is a complete CHANGE IN THINKING -- RE-EDUCATION -- ENFORCED by the AUTHORITY of an infallible world government -- the Kingdom of God!

Mis-Education Today

1. This present generation is witnessing a tremendous upsurge in MATERIALISTIC knowledge! But is it possible to learn new scientific and technological facts, and yet NEVER arrive at the recognition of the TRUTH? II Tim. 3:7. Isn't this EXACTLY what has happened in this age of scientific advancements and mass education? Has scientific education secured world peace, or has it brought us the threat of HUMAN ANNIHILATION?

PHOTO: Sixty-inch cyclotron. Fantastic strides by modern science and technology have led mankind to brink of disaster.

2. Are all nations DECEIVED today? Rev. 17:1-2; 18:3. Is FAULTY EDUCATION, which has befogged the world's UNDERSTANDING, like a veil that hides the mind from truth? Isa. 25:7.

3. Who is fundamentally RESPONSIBLE for deceiving the whole world? Rev. 12:9. Does that make him basically the AUTHOR of wrong education? Will he be allowed to deceive the nations when Christ commences to re-educate the world? Rev. 20:1-3.

4. Should we PROVE ALL THINGS before accepting them as TRUTH? I Thes. 5:21. What are we to do once we conclusively prove an idea to be right and good? Same verse, last part.

COMMENT: God COMMANDS us to "PROVE ALL THINGS"! This includes our religious beliefs and political concepts, as well as scientific facts. Modern education does NOT really teach us to prove everything. If it did, world chaos and confusion would not exist!

What is True Education?

A common, but FALSE, concept in the world today is that education has NOTHING to do with a WAY of life. In most of the western world, the Bible is either politely passed over or TOTALLY REJECTED from academic educational systems. Witness the U.S. Supreme Court decision to BAN religious education from public schools in America!

The world today does NOT REALLY believe that God, through Christ and the Bible, has given us the best precepts by which to GOVERN EACH EVENT IN OUR DAILY LIVES!

In Christ's time a group of people lived their daily lives by following EVERY rule and teaching of the Scriptures. After Jesus' crucifixion, that group was under the DIRECT GUIDANCE of Christ's twelve apostles whom He had personally trained. That group was called "THE CHURCH OF GOD" (Acts 20:28).

The word "church" is translated from the Greek word "ecclesia" which is defined as a "crowd" or "group". A church, then, is merely a crowd or group of PEOPLE. There is nothing sanctimonious about the word church. A crowd or church is HOLY only if it is God's Church composed of Holy Spirit-begotten people!

But the hundreds of differing denominational churches, or crowds, in the world today are NOT God's churches because they follow the ways, customs and traditions of THIS PRESENT EVIL WORLD! (Gal. 1:4.)

TODAY God's Church is that group which truly FOLLOWS God's Bible. It follows God in ALL phases of life -- political, social and economic, even in food and clothing. It practices His WAY OF LIFE! It is THE CHURCH -- or crowd -- WHICH HAS BEEN RE-EDUCATED to GOD'S WAY as revealed in the Bible.

1. Do we have a written record that the true apostolic Church preached God's WAY OF LIFE? Acts 19:9,23. Does this world approve of GOD'S way of life? What does the world call it? Acts 24:14.

COMMENT: God's WAY OF LIFE is a matter of re-education. Of UN-learning the false concepts of this world and learning the TRUE VALUES which make life worth living!

2. The world is fast approaching a SMASHING CLIMAX which will SHOCK people into realizing something is radically wrong with this world's ways! What will they then acknowledge? Jer. 16:19. Would they be desiring to learn ANOTHER WAY if their PRESENT way were better?

COMMENT: The people have INHERITED LIES subconsciously from birth -- profitless ideas funneled into their minds, WITHOUT EVER QUESTIONING THEM! Later, as adults, they continue accepting FALLACIES learned in childhood.

When Christ rescues the world from annihilation, people will ACKNOWLEDGE their IGNORANCE -- their lack of sound education. This confession of error will actually be REPENTANCE!

3. What does REPENTANCE really mean? Notice Isaiah 55:7. Is it TURNING from the WRONG WAY we have been living? Is it forsaking the WRONG concepts we have always TAKEN FOR GRANTED WITHOUT PROOF?

4. Are God's ways and His thoughts superior to ours? Isaiah 55:8-9. Since His ways are superior, does it prove that OUR OWN WAYS ARE INFERIOR and should be REPLACED?

5. Repentance is a matter of UNLEARNING false concepts -- of RENEWING the mind with SOUND KNOWLEDGE and then LIVING by it.

Are we then to be CONFORMISTS to the ways of THIS world by "going along with the crowd"? Or are we to have a CHANGE take place in our minds -- to be "TRANSFORMED" in the way we think and live? Romans 12:2. Then does repentance, which OCCURS IN THE MIND, involve RE-EDUCATION to a better way? Phil. 2:5.

Objective of Re-Education

1. Since world ills can be solved only by re-education to right knowledge, does God's way of life remold our ECONOMIC life? II Cor. 8:21. Does it remold SOCIAL life? I Peter 4:3-4. And ALL other phases in general? I Cor. 10:31.

2. In brief, does this way of life demand that we DEVELOP into PERFECT SPIRITUAL CHARACTERS? Compare Matthew 5:48 with Ephesians 4:13. Are we to become re-educated in ALL things -- mature in EVERY WAY -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Eph. 4:15. Note the words "grow up." Can we accomplish this unless God's way regulates our whole life?

3. Are we to become SOUND-MINDED individuals? II Tim. 1:7. HOW MANY LEADERS, who have THIS WORLD'S destiny in their hands, are really educated by GOD'S standards?

4. How does one become a "WHOLE man"? Ecclesiastes 12:13.

COMMENT: If we acknowledge God's authority and OBEY Him, we are fulfilling "the whole duty of man." According to the original Hebrew, the proper rendering of this verse should be "this is the WHOLE MAN." The word "duty" is inserted in italics indicating it was NOT in the original.

So TOTAL OBEDIENCE TO GOD makes each of us COMPLETELY EDUCATED -- a WHOLE INDIVIDUAL, fully developed, BALANCED and well-rounded. Obedience to God PROPERLY EDUCATES US!

5. Does Jesus Christ promise us JOY in this life if we yield to His way? John 15:11. Is it the apostle John's wish that we prosper and be healthy? III John 2. Did Christ come so that we might have an ABUNDANT LIFE? John 10:10.

COMMENT: These scriptures plainly tell us that true Christianity is not a dull, drab religious yoke of bondage -- but an ever-expanding, HAPPY WAY OF LIFE!

Now let us understand God's SYSTEM OF REEDUCATION in the Millennium.

God's System of Re-Education

Human beings generally act in accordance with what SEEMS RIGHT to THEM (Prov. 14:12). But they do not really KNOW what is right! They don't know how to govern and educate themselves properly, how to stamp out crime -- how to guarantee true justice and world peace!

All forms of HUMAN government have failed MISERABLY. Men are beginning to REALIZE their shortcomings! Since human beings -- from the leaders down to the ordinary citizens -- cannot adequately govern or educate themselves, we must look to the Almighty Creator to do it FOR US!

1. Who will give Christ the AUTHORITY to rule and teach the nations? Luke 1:32.

2. Under the apostles will be the great body of faithful Spirit-born Christians. Will they be VOTED into office by the people? Rev. 2:26. Will they be accountable to the PEOPLE, or to CHRIST for the administration of their offices? Luke 19:17, 19.

COMMENT: When God intervenes in human affairs, He will NOT permit the people to vote for their rulers or allow school boards to CHOOSE their teachers -- HE will appoint them HIMSELF!

The Kingdom of God will NOT be run by school boards, POLITICAL PARTIES and the VOTE of the people. For GOD HIMSELF will be in COMPLETE CHARGE!

Government will be from the TOP DOWN -- NOT from the BOTTOM UP! The rulers will not bow to the will and fancies of the people. Rather, THE PEOPLE WILL LEARN TO OBEY THE WISHES OF THEIR DIVINE RULERS during the Millennium!

PHOTO: Christ's government in the Millennium will not be run by the will of the people.

3. What two great offices will Christ exercise? Rev. 19:16. Will Christ also teach? Isa. 2:3 and Psalm 25:8-10.

COMMENT: Christ then will UNITE all these functions in Himself, for God's WAY will govern all phases of life. How plain that in GOD'S PATTERN for world rule the church and the government are NOT SEPARATE!

4. Are WE, when resurrected, also to become a KINGDOM OF PRIESTS -- to rule and teach under Christ? Rev. 5:9-10.

COMMENT: The proper translation of Rev. 5:9, according to the original Greek, is that Christ purchased with His blood "men of every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation, and madest them a kingdom and priests to our God; and THEY shall reign upon the earth." Christ is now in the process of training an adequate TEACHING STAFF before He sets out to RE-EDUCATE the entire world!

5. What is one of the DUTIES of God's priests? Malachi 2:7.

COMMENT: As ministers and teachers, Christ and the saints shall re-educate every nation. But they will have to possess the authority to ENFORCE God's educational program. Therefore they will be a GOVERNMENT with ABSOLUTE POWER to overcome any type of opposition!

6. Will Christ and the saints appear and disappear for the purpose of rebuking those who turn from the right way? Isa. 30:20-21. Will the ability to APPEAR ON THE SCENE of possible trouble be a strong deterrent in PREVENTING crime?

Universal Education

1. Will everyone see EYE to EYE after Christ has established His Kingdom and instructs the nations along peaceful channels? Isa. 52:7-8.

2. Doesn't this clearly indicate that the process of re-education will be UNIVERSAL? Jer. 31:34. Also compare Habakkuk 2:14 with Isa. 11:9.

3. Will the people acquire a NEW OUTLOOK on life -- a new attitude or spirit -- brought about by the POWER of God's Holy Spirit? Ezek. 36:26 and Isa. 59:20-21.

4. Will scientific inventions and the latest technologies be used for WAR or PEACE? And will military academies for teaching warfare be allowed? Micah 4:3.

5. Will the nations be taught the economic rules for prosperity -- the way to make an HONEST profit? Isaiah 48:17. Will everyone ultimately be educated to DEAL JUSTLY with his neighbor? Isa. 26:9. Notice also Psalm 25:8-9. Out of what will God teach the people? Psalm 94:12. How does this verse correspond with Isaiah 2:3?

6. Will those who GRUMBLED against God learn instruction? Isa. 29:24.

7. Will there be a need of special schools for the handicapped and the blind? Isa. 29:18 and 35:5.

8. Is knowledge about God ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to proper educational training? Rom. 1:21, 28. How will the nations in the Millennium acquire it? Will REPRESENTATIVES of all nations ultimately come to worship and be instructed in the Lord's presence in Jerusalem, Palestine -- the headquarters of God's world government? Psa. 86:9.

9. Will the Egyptians KNOW THE LORD in that day? Isa. 19:21. How will the Egyptians, as well as all other people, come to really KNOW God? I John 2:3-4. How can the disobedient KNOW God if they are SEPARATED from Him? Isa. 55:6-7.

10. Will instruction from the Almighty and a divinely imparted new attitude on life soon begin to produce MATERIAL BENEFITS? Isa. 32:15, 20. Will ETHIOPIA also seek to gain the benefits of an OBEDIENT relationship with Christ? Psa. 68:31.

COMMENT: These prophecies refer to a FEW nations NEAR Israel as TYPES OF ALL NATIONS. The nations of the world will learn that TRUE CHRISTIANITY REALLY PAYS!

11. Will Gentile rulers bring presents to Christ in acknowledgment and gratitude for His educational and material benefits? Psa. 68:29. Upon what conditions has God always promised to shower MATERIAL prosperity? Malachi 3:10-12.

COMMENT: Yes, OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S LAWS is what produces prosperity, peace and happiness! Isn't it plain that the BASIS OF RIGHT EDUCATION IS GOD'S LAW?

Notice again the words of the prophecy concerning the Millennium: "And many people shall go and say .... 'He will TEACH us of His ways ... for out of Zion shall go forth the LAW, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem'" (Isa. 2:3).

World to Reap God's Blessings

Since the days of Adam and Eve, mankind has been living the WRONG WAY (Genesis 3:6). Wrong methods of meeting life's problems are promulgated -- even to the point of educating men in the use of FORCE and VIOLENCE to take from others what is not rightfully theirs!

THIS IS THE WORLD YOU AND I WERE BORN INTO! From childhood we have known nothing else. We have accepted, WITHOUT QUESTION, the teachings of our parents and the educational system of our time.

You have learned that God speaks of THIS world's way in the Bible: "There is a WAY which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the WAYS OF DEATH"! (Proverbs 14:12.)

PHOTO: Ambassador Hall, Ambassador College campus, Pasadena, California. Students at God's colleges recapture the true values of life as revealed in God's Word -- have a foretaste of the World Tomorrow.

This is the "way" which tradition and THIS WORLD'S EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS have furthered. This destructive way is about to DESTROY itself along with its educational systems. This world's "way of life" is about to cause the ANNIHILATION of the people it deceives!

What does God say about it? "My people are destroyed for LACK of knowledge"! (Hosea 4:6.) For lack of GOD'S TRUE KNOWLEDGE NO FLESH would be left alive, if God hadn't promised to intervene!! (Matthew 24:22.)

Jesus Christ must intervene with another -- a different and better -- educational system if man is to CONTINUE LIVING on this earth!

Under God's government, which Christ will soon establish, education will be QUITE different! Christ will RE-EDUCATE the world in the right WAY -- GOD'S WAY -- a way which mankind has never tried to live by in all six thousand years of human existence.

God will re-educate the world FROM man's ways which have spawned evil, competitive, dictatorial Babylonish-type systems of government. He will re-educate mankind TOWARD HIS WAYS! Almighty God, the Creator and Ruler of the universe, knows the way which will work out best for humanity.

What will be the OBJECTIVE of the coming world's new educational program? It will seek to develop a FULLY BALANCED INDIVIDUAL -- "the WHOLE MAN." No longer will there be unbalanced one-tracked individuals -- the Hitlers, Mussolinis, and Stalins. People will live and let live! Would-be trouble makers will either repent or CEASE TO EXIST!

Fully BALANCED individuals will be those who are LIVING by a PERFECT set of standards -- the LAWS of GOD -- which best serve their own interests and the interests of those around them. As they continue to obey God, they will be developing, as near as humanly possible with God's help, the most valuable PRODUCT of human life PERFECT CHARACTER!

Yes, Christ is coming to re-educate all who REPENT -- all who desire to TURN from their OWN ways -- to become "WHOLE MEN." The least of men will receive individual instruction -- none will have an excuse for failing. Then, at long last, people will come to realize that obedience to God yields tremendous physical and spiritual blessings -- a literal UTOPIA ON EARTH!!

THIS present evil world is about through! God's plan is moving forward with CLOCK-LIKE precision! It is ONE MINUTE to twelve high noon by God's timetable of world events!

"The World Tomorrow" is indeed very near at hand! It will influence YOUR life tremendously. But what will "The World Tomorrow" REALLY be like?

God allows those who truly believe His Word to GLIMPSE a view of this exciting UTOPIAN PARADISE! God shows us what this earth will really be like when it is filled with "WHOLE men" -- men of GODLY character!

YOU will glimpse a view of this coming utopia in the next lesson.